4. Jun. 2009, 10:58

Project Divinity - Triosphere

There are quite a few artists that hold special place in my heart. One of those is wonderful norweigian ambient project Biosphere - one man project of genius Geir Jenssen. Especially album Substrata with it's intricate samples from Twin Peaks. It takes me to another realm every time I listen to it.

As a musician I think that whenever I produce something it's not actually "me" that does the work. More accurate description would be that I become some kind of a channel or gate, through which the sound manifests. The outcome is affected by everything I have managed to assimilate throughout my life, as a listener and dreamer. Hence anything I create is not something I feel I have "ownership" on. Hence publishing material under Creative Commons licence has always felt right.

I got new sound libraries and virtual reverbs a few days back, and instantly decided to create a short tribute to Biosphere. And here it is, 8 tune virtual EP called Triosphere, hope you enjoy it!.

Project Divinity release.


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