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Information is not knowlege. Knowlege is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is the best. - Frank Zappa

Where were you when it happened?
Where could you be found?
Were you at the front of the stage?
Or in the underground?

From SF out to Old Bridge
New York back to LA
The world of metal changed forever
Back in the day

Well that was back in the day
And if you weren't there
It doesn't matter anyway
Because you wouldn't understand

Live to die and die to play
Every day and place
Leave a path of metal
Across a world from stage to stage

Well that was back in the day
And if you weren't there
It doesn't matter anyway
Because you wouldn't understand

In denim and Leather
We were all part of one force
Knocked Rock n Roll on it's ass
And put metal on the course

Back in the Day
If you wern't there
It doesn't matter
Cause you wouldn't understand...

This is our way of life
A life that was born free
To follow orders how to live
Was never meant to be

Peals of thunder, sheets of lightning
The power hits the stage
The music was exciting
The mania raged

We all had the fever
Our ears started to ring
Feeding this wildfire
Consuming everything

Metal's king back then
And still is to this day
Others imitate or challenge
But it never goes away

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