• Finally!!! Removed mis-tagged songs! :-)

    10. Mär. 2010, 22:43

    Wow, I finally managed to remove all mis-tagged songs from my music library. I always thought I just have to live with them, but now I found out that you can remove all artists and songs just by going to your music library and click on the "x" that appears either on the artist photo, or on the right side next to each song in the list of songs for each artist.
    So I got rid of all artists I had once tagged with "XXX feat. XXX" for example, or of songs like "S.H.E" which should of course be "S.H.E." and more stuff like that which bothers people who have no life. :-)

    Now I can go to sleep happily. :-)

    Am I the only one who didn't know that this is possible??
  • Favourite duets

    21. Dez. 2009, 19:57

    Two great voices in one song... These are my favourite duets, including both popular classics and some more obscure stuff:

    Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up
    Featuring Kate Bush of course... A beautiful 80s ballad that I love more and more each time I hear it. While I like both singers, I'm no huge fan of either of them... But the way they sing this is just amazing.

    Morrissey - Interlude
    Featuring Siouxsie. Another very calm 80s track... Just read this line from the lyrics, it's the atmosphere of the whole song in a nutshell: "Let's hold fast to the dream that tastes and sparkles like wine..." A shame that the 2 of them didn't get along, their very distinct voices make an excellent combination.

    Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
    These two sounded so great together that they turned several duets into timeless classic hits. I couldn't really decide if Summer Wine's my favourite, or maybe Some Velvet Morning. Both songs have such a wonderful mysterious touch.

    Tom Jones & The Cardigans - Burning Down The House
    Enough dreamy stuff... This one is just totally addictive, and to bring "tiger" Tom Jones together with "kitten" Nina Persson (referring to what their voices sound like of course) is a stroke of genius.

    Mike Oldfield - Tricks Of The Light
    Well, the vocalists are Maggie Reilly and Barry Palmer, who both sing several songs on the Oldfield album Discovery, but just this one duet. It's a great, energetic uptempo song with a tune where they both really shine.

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis - Cruisin'
    This is from the movie "Duets" which I never saw, but I've loved this song immediately when I heard it for the first time. Hearing Gwyneth Paltrow sing with this really nice, warm voice was an even bigger surprise than seeing/hearing Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge". Lovely!

    Eskobar - Someone New
    Featuring Heather Nova. Nice uptempo song combining two great voices. Although I have to admit that I think Eskobar have many equally good or better songs and that they don't deserve to be known for this duet only.

    IAMX - My Secret Friend
    Featuring Imogen Heap. Very interesting collaboration, in this case because their two voices are very similar and it's actually not that easy to distinguish between them. They just blend well with each other.

    Ladytron - Versus
    The popular tag says it all: "male vocals in ladytron wtf" It's the only track where one of the two male band members takes lead vocals together with Helen. The result is very special and excellent.
  • Defining 90s songs

    1. Mär. 2009, 17:01

    Being a teenager of the 90s and a devoted music listener, I remember this decade to be musically pretty “torn“. Between techno, eurodance trash, the growing hip-hop culture, punkrock like The Offspring, Madonna’s constant re-invention of herself and endless other influences, it’s impossible (and I admit, probably unnecessary) to reduce the 90s to some defining songs.
    But of course, what musically defines a decade also depends on personal taste, personal memories and feelings.

    So I tried to come up with some songs that, for me, “define” the 90s. Songs that stand out, because they were very popular and are still remembered, because they are connected to personal memories, and because they are objectively extraordinary and – just great.

    1. Duran DuranOrdinary World(1993)
    This is a song that I tend to forget is one of my all-time-favourites. About every two years, I hear it on the radio accidentally and get completely swept away by it again. I love the strong vocals, the guitars, and the sort of epic, huge, “universal” feeling. Amazing...

    2. The BelovedSweet Harmony(1993)
    The title says it all... This smooth dance track combines the flowing electronic music and soft vocals in a perfect way. It never gets boring, although it is a tad repetitive. It is hypnotic, dreamy and erotic at the same time. Of course, the video with all the naked people is sort of “influential”, too. :-)

    3. The CranberriesZombie(1994)
    This is by far not my favourite Cranberries song, but it is still great and with Dolores’ headstrong interpretation, it was just so special and powerful back in its time that you couldn’t avoid it. 1994’s music was basically “Zombie” and nothing else. The album “No need to argue” was one of the very first really good albums I bought on CD.

    4. X-PerienceA Neverending Dream(1996)
    While being reminiscent of playful 80s synthpop, it combines this retro feel with “then-modern” dance/trance influences. With its romantic lyrics and Claudia’s innocent appeal and angelic voice, this is maybe the most emotional dance track ever, and it is about as dreamy as dreamy can get. Very special.

    5. Depeche ModeHome(1997)
    This song is exemplary for their beautifully dark comeback album “Ultra”, which was the first Depeche Mode album I bought, and which basically started my love for melancholy electro/darkwave. So, a very defining album for me, but I guess also for the late 90s in general.

    What are your defining 90s tracks?
  • Best live acts I've seen - updated regularly

    31. Okt. 2008, 21:06

    IAMX seen 4 times
    Eskobar seen 3 times
    Apoptygma Berzerk seen 3 times
    White Lies seen 2 times
    Deine Lakaien seen 2 times
    Ladytron seen 2 times
    Torul seen 2 times
    Editors seen 2 times
    Sono seen 2 times
    Patrick Wolf seen 2 times
    Loreena McKennitt seen 2 times
    Clarence + Napoleon seen 2 times
    Susanne Sundfør seen 1 time
    Kosheen seen 1 time
    M83 seen 1 time
    CHVRCHES seen 1 time
    MS MR seen 1 time
    Hundreds seen 1 time
    Lebanon Hanover seen 1 time
    Placebo seen 1 time
    Anne Clark seen 1 time
    Nouvelle Vague seen 1 time
    Northern Lite seen 1 time
    Corde Oblique seen 1 time
    Abi Wade seen 1 time
    In the Nursery seen 1 time
    Patenbrigade: Wolff seen 1 time