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Kürzlich angehörte Titel

SolarfeastApocalyptic Queen 1. Dez. 2012
SolarfeastMy Spotted Pony 1. Dez. 2012
PontiakExpanding Sky 30. Nov. 2012
PontiakNorth Coast 30. Nov. 2012
PontiakLions of Least kostenloser Download 30. Nov. 2012
PontiakLeft With Lights 30. Nov. 2012
GlowsunReverse 30. Nov. 2012
GlowsunLost Soul 30. Nov. 2012
GlowsunDragon Witch 30. Nov. 2012
SunrideSympathy Overdose 29. Nov. 2012
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Über mich

I'm an artistic person and spend my time wondering about many subjects of which life is constructed. Over my lifetime of 23 years, I've come to a good amount of well rounded conclusions to my ever evolving questions, thoughts, and answers. Of these conclusions have morphed my interests, my values, and myself. To get to know me is to understand my perceptions, therefore if you are interested in my view on this world, you may get to know me. I am a lighthearted person and do not use influences to feed doubts and emptiness, I heal my own soul with understanding, terms, and intelligence. I enjoy people, their thoughts, their processes, interests, loves, expressions, reasoning, and their complexity. If you are a person worth words, say something...if not, don't...