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29. Apr. 2012, 9:18

Saves the Day is a band with seven albums, all seven albums sounding completely different so I decided to review each one and score it out of ten.

Can't Slow Down - 1998's debut isn't one of my favorite albums but it does have it's moments, compared a lot to the band Lifetime, although I'm not to familiar with Lifetime, I can't compare the two. For a debut it's very well done considering the age of the band at the time. 6/10

Through Being Cool - 1999's sophomore release is arguably the band's best and considered a classic in the genre. I was 12/13 when I bought it and to this day at 26 I can still throw it in and enjoy every song from start to finish. The band got popular right after, influencing the future wave of pop punk of the early/mid '00s. Saves The Day did it first before all the hype around emo/pop punk on mtv2 and fuse and they did it better. 9/10

Stay What You Are - In 2001 STD released their 3rd album, the hype around the band and album were at an all time high. This is my favorite STD album, The songs are less pop punk and more mellow traditional alternative rock anthems. I always thought Through Being Cool was my favorite but I just have a soft spot for the style change, different yet the same band. 10/10

In Reverie - The album that threw me off and I'm sure a lot of people. Songs are super experimental and put you in a dream like state upon first listen, the style change is so drastic, the only resemblance to the first 3 albums is the name on the booklet. Chris sounds like he smoked a blunt straight to the head before recording every song...After almost ten years I began to appreciate it little by little liking it a lot these days. Closed Minded? whatever I like it now and love the whole sound. 7/10

Sound The Alarm - At this point I was so far out of the genre completely, I lost touch with pop/punk and Saves The Day. I remember driving in Pennsylvania with my sister and brother-in-law, we stopped at a local record store and the bright orange album cover was asking me to pick it up and to my surprise STD had a new album out. My sister purchased it blindly and we listened to it. I hated this album then and am not to fond of it to this day. I understand now what Chris was going through but I hated the whole sound, vocals way to high not to mention the music being instantly not catchy...Nothing stayed with me. I have gone back recent years after enjoying later releases but only found a couple songs I like. 3/10

Under The Boards - When UTB was coming out I had come full circle with music and just about been listening to every genre I've ever liked and rediscovering bands I have lost touch with...Metal and Hardcore was my main fix for about 6 years but I remember waiting for this release. Saves The Day always changed styles with every release, even if I didn't like the last I decided to download it. To my surprise, Under The Boards was likeable, not as much as I like TBC, SWYA and IR but I liked a bunch of the songs. Not their greatest but not bad. 5/10

Daybreak - Of course Chris has had lineup changes with every album pretty much but this would be the first album in 3 years and with a complete new lineup. I remember seeing the release date but not getting overly excited, the last two albums weren't enough for me to fall back in love fully. Months after it's release I came across it on and read reviews, some great some just ok. I bought the album this past week and have been listening to in my car ever since. Love Daybreak so much I decided to listen to every STD album this week and compare to write these reviews. This is definitely the best album Chris has written since 2001's Stay What You Are and is my 3rd favorite now. The music is like a mix of the last two and In Reverie without the filler. It's heavy, melodic, moody, very dynamic and I like the vocals a lot, also the first album I've actually bought since Stay What You Are. 8/10

Each Saves The Day album has it's own unique sound, it just takes a little sinking in to fully appreciate Chris as a song writer and his ability to not write the same album twice. Sound The Alarm just doesn't click with me. I'm glad I rediscovered the band I discovered so many years ago, liking them more then ever, especially with a new album as good as Daybreak.


  • ChrisFallout

    Wow, thanks for writing this journal, I enjoyed reading it and it's good to see an interpretation of all of Saves the Day's albums from a listened who began at the start. I first got into SWYA because I downloaded their songs to begin with, having stumbled across their cover of Sonic Reducer in a video game and SWYA was their most popular album. I've loved all their albums and thought the style so drastic as I progressed through them so I've always wondered how a long time fan felt when their sound began to change and evolve. So, thanks for taking the time and writing this.

    1. Mai. 2012, 7:58
  • MetalFL0riO86

    Thanks man, I was bored haha.

    10. Mai. 2012, 4:49
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