• Missing you Mike Baker :( R.I.P

    2. Nov. 2009, 19:18

    Just listened to Shadow Gallery's new album. I was hesitant... SG without Mike?... I knew it would make incredibly sad. An incredible album, but I couldn't help but to think about him and wonder how he would have sung it. Nevertheless Brian Ashlan has done a pretty good job as well. But still, it's not Mike.

    It's been a year since he left us. I was shocked senseless by the news! He was one of my favorite vocalists. Not many vocalists can evoke emotions like he does. It was like the death of a muse for me. He seemed like a darling of a person.

    Shadow Gallery, I deeply admire your strength and commitment to forge on and finish the album despite the great loss and incredibly rough time you guys must have had. I'm glad you added the demos on which Mike sung, they brought tears to my eyes.This album has a special place in my heart, just like all your other albums.

    Thank you for the beautiful music!

    Bless you all!

    "One year ago today, we were met with silence. Let today be a day to celebrate the music that Mike sang. We miss you Bakes." A video tribute by SG.