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Über mich

A ménage is a social group or a household. This menage is about three Ferreira siblings - brothers Gabriel and Basilio and sister Bela.

The Ferreira siblings spent their whole childhood traveling between Toronto, Canada and a small town in Portugal, where their heritage and much of their family still lived. Through being divided between Canadian, indoor boredom, and strong European culture, the common thread that was present on both sides of the globe, was the influence of the music that they were exposed to.

The household was soon filled with a drumset, a keyboard, and some traditional Portuguese guitars. As quite common, the kids grew apart, Bela, recording piano based song ideas, keeping to herself, performing wherever she could. From various New York city open mics to touring in Canada. Brothers Gabriel and Basilio kicked around Toronto then Los Angeles' hipster town of Echo Park, started bands, fought, would self-destruct, then do it again.

For the first time all three have set aside their differences and contributed to what they all can agree as being the first thing that is exciting to them since first picking up their instruments

With Mixer David Botrill (Muse, Placebo, Peter Gabriel) and mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros) on their side, this brother/sister, dual fronted band is ready to become the music that inspires on an international level

Ménages self titled album will be released winter 2011. An American tour and a changed generation will follow.


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