Top 21 of 2010


16. Dez. 2010, 19:48

Obviously I can't listen to every album made in 2010. If you feel like I missed one or more, let me know and I'll check them out

Honorable Mentions

Attack Attack! - Attack Attack!
Chelsea Grin - Desolation of Eden
Dark Tranquillity - We are the Void
Decrepit Birth - Polarity
Halo Of Gunfire - Conjuring the Damned
In The Midst Of Lions - The Heart of Man
Keep of Kalessin - Reptilian
Vermingod - The Grand March To Devastation
Янтарные Слезы - Ключ К Декабрю

Top EPs

Allay The Sea - Descent
apostate - Seaborne
The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie
septemberdead - На Руинах Веры
Versiya - I saw eternity
Widow The Sea - Novella Of The Ocean

Biggest Disappointments

The Absence - Enemy Unbound
Arsis - Starve For The Devil
Buried in Verona - Saturday Night Sever
The Red Shore - The Avarice of Man

The Contortionist - Exoplanet

Progressive Deathcore
Indianapolis IN, USA

Standout Tracks: Oscillator, Flourish
The band stands apart from the typical stereotype deathcore bands, implementing some beautiful melodies and some synth and guitar based ambience make it surprisingly easy to listen to. Several of the songs have obvious jazz influences, brought out and incorporated quite well by the band.

Anno Domini - Atrocities

Blackened Death Metal
Sydney, Australia

Standout Tracks: Obliteration, Breathe Deep the Ash, What Lies Inside
Imagine newer Behemoth, then smash some Scandinavian style melody into it and this is what you might come up with. The vocals are excellent, deep and powerful, yet smooth. Again, some well placed synths add some background ambience that really kicks up the atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of Behemoth and Zyklon.

Destruction of a Rose - American Hell

Las Vegas NV, USA

Standout Tracks: Rise and Shine, 63
Pretty generic metalcore album, but a good one. Nice melodic touches mixed with the hardcore influences. Similar to Miss May I.

Standout Tracks: Blood Diamonds, My Hate Will Darken the Skies
Not a bad debut album. The two guitarists play very well with each other, the harmonies and melodies really connecting together. The album as a whole combines an excellent mix of darkness and power, especially the vocals. For fans of Heaven Shall Burn.

Ke$ha - Animal

Brentwood TN, USA

Standout Tracks: Kiss N Tell, Take it Off
Secretly everyone really loves Ke$ha. I'm not even going to try and defend this.

Solipsist - The Human Equation

Technical Death Metal
Cleveland OH, USA

Standout Tracks: Heretic, Shallow Graves, House of Cards
At first it made me think Psycroptic, and while they are a little similar, I think it was a placebo due to the album artwork's similarities. To quote another review. "This is truly a first-class rager" and I couldn't agree more. Nothing on the album seems out of place, no silly gimmicks, just guitar, drums, and some good, quality
, vocals. Definitely hope to see these guys live sometime.

Within the Ruins - Invade

Technical Metalcore
Massachusetts, USA

Standout Tracks: Roads, Ataxia, Invade
The lyrics and vocals are quite lolworthy at times, and you can hardly hear the bass. That being said, the guitar and rhythms are borderline ridiculous, and as a guitarist, I can't help but applaud. If you enjoy some nice guitar work, you should check it out. I should warn though, it's not exactly an easy listen.

Parkway Drive - Deep Blue

Metalcore / Hardcore
Byron Bay, Australia

Standout Tracks: Wreckage, Home is for the Heartless
Parkway Drive is probably the best example of a band that improves on every release. Deep Blue stands aside from the typical metalcore albums with its strong emotions. If you can listen to this album and not feel any of them, I would suggest that you have a problem. The emotions seep out of the lyrics and vocals more in Deep Blue and into the rest of the music. Some of the best guitar riffs of the year without question. As a hardcore fan of tapping, Wreckage has some of the best I've heard.

Impending Doom - There Will Be Violence

Christian Deathcore
Riverside CA, USA

Standout Tracks: Sweating Blood, Love Has Risen
Generally I try to steer clear of self-proclaimed Christian bands, let's be honest, they usually suck. Recently the trend has been improving greatly however with The Devil Wears Prada, In The Midst Of Lions, who just missed the top 20 with The Heart of Man, and Impending Doom leading the way. The album combines an excellent balance of driving bass and drums, melodic riffs, and some powerful vocals to produce quite an amazing album. My only complaint is that there's little difference between songs and it can become monotonous at times.

Illidiance - Damage Theory

Industrial / Cybermetal

Standout Tracks: Breaking the Limit, High-Tech Terror
Break out the glow-sticks and leather pants, it's party time. Anyone who knows me at all would know my aversion to dancing but I could roll with this. It's quite a bit harder to describe so just take a gander for yourself here. Even if you don't like metal.

Feed Her to the Sharks - The Beauty Of Falling

Melbourne, Australia

Standout Tracks: Fear of Failure, Extinction/Resurrection
Yet another great new metalcore band from Australia's seemingly endless supply. Unfortunately it's not a whole lot different from any others, they are just better at it. Luckily for me, I am not yet bored with the metalcore scene as seems to be the main complaint today, so it suits me just as well. One thing that does set aside this album is the three instrumental bridges, interludes, whatever you want to call them. These three tracks are a beautiful use of the piano, and guitar melodies that, by themselves, I don't think anyone could really dislike. Hopefully they can incorporate these elements more substantially in the future.

Conducting From The Grave - Revenants

Technical Deathcore
Sacramemto CA, USA

Standout Tracks: What Monsters We Have Become, Her Poisoned Tongues
The guitars do it all for this one. Similar to the Within the Ruins release in the way some of the riffs and passages take place, however Conducting from the Grave seem to be able to incorporate the same technical skill into easier-flowing, more listenable, pieces. Much more of "songs" if you wish, rather than assorted riffs pieced together. The drums and vocals could use some work however, as both become quite boring at times. Overall though, definitely a must-listen.

Kalmah - 12 Gauge

Melodic Death Metal
Pudasjärvi, Finland

Standout Tracks: Sacramentum, Hook the Monster
Kalmah return more to their older style of They Will Return and Swamplord on this album in terms of the general music. The guitars are back to the glory days with both speed and catchy riffs. Some elements from the recent past have stuck around on this album though, such as the lower vocals and diminishing reliance on the keys. The combination of new and old styles has turned out an amazing album and it's nice to see Kalmah heading back in the right direction.

Woe Of Tyrants - Threnody

Death Metal
Chillicothe OH, USA

Standout Tracks: Singing Surrender, Bloodsmear
After discovering Kingdom Of Might last year, I could hardly wait to get a listen of this. The guitars are fast, drums pounding, and vocals are interesting. Shredding solos are hardly are rarity, which is almost always a good thing. My favorite thing about this band though, is the cohesion they seem to have together, you would think they had been together for decades, rather than just now hitting 5 years. The other major thing that sets Woe of Tyrants, along with Revocation, apart from the crowd is their brand of, for a lack of a better word, happy, death metal that will make you smile, rather than scowl and grimace. In the end I prefer Kingdom of Might over Threnody, but thats going to be a hard hill to top.

Silent Civilian - Ghost Stories

Los Angeles CA, USA

Standout Tracks: Atonement, Sustenance
Here's another example of a band attempting to follow up a superb release, except this time Silent Civilian go well beyond the peak of Rebirth Of The Temple. The style is essentially exactly the same, you could probably take any songs from either album and switch them around and nobody would not
ice. Ghost Stories simply seems to have better songs. The songs are singable, if that's your cup of tea, unlike most of the others in this list, and the guitars and drums are as catchy and melodious as any. I must admit Jonny Santos is probably my favorite vocalist around today and Ghost Stories is the main reason why.

Until I Breathe - Мы Где-То Здесь

Melodic Deathcore
Moscow, Russia

Standout Tracks: Мессия (Messiah), Пока Я Дышу (While I Breathe)
The deathcore genre is often criticized for being nothing but breakdowns and down-tuned chugging but I believe Until I Breathe begins to break this stereotype with this album. The album combines a quality mix of speed and breakdowns, harsh and clean vocals, and melody and brutality. The vocals and lyrics are in Russian rather than English, which I think adds a certain curious element and improves the album as a whole for me (never a big lyrics fan). The album art is also my favorite of the year. ;)

Miss May I - Monument

Troy OH, USA

Standout Tracks: Our Kings, Monument, In Recognition
This is definitely my discovery of the year. The music is interesting enough to keep you entertained throughout, while reaming simple so you don't get lost. Every track is strong from beginning to end. I've heard a lot of complaints about the vocals, especially the clean, but I enjoy them. I really can't think of any negatives about this album, or the whole band for that matter.

We Are the Fallen - Tear The World Down

Alternative Rock

Standout Tracks: Sleep Well, My Angel, I Am Only One, I Will Stay
They are an Evanescence rip-off, Evanescence is better, Amy Lee is better, blah blah blah. Who cares. Obviously they are going to sound at least a bit like Evanescence, after all it is basically the same band with a couple minor changes. The music community makes it seem you have to pick sides in the Evanescence - We Are the Fallen battle, but I think they are both amazing. Carly Smithsson has a beautiful voice, and I don't watch American Idol, but whoever won that season I have yet to hear from. I'm honestly not sure how that happened. For the sake of explaining, compared with Evanescence, We Are the Fallen have a more mellow, ballad-y style that focuses more on subtle harmonies in the music and Carly Smithsson's voice. I'm not one for lyrics, but I actually enjoy these, perhaps it's just the different style of music, but they seem to have significant meaning and purpose. The first listen I nearly cried. Everyone must listen to this.

Abyssphere - Тени и Сны

Melodic Doom Metal
St. Petersburg, Russia

Standout Tracks: As We Die (Charon cover)
This album is a purely amazing combination of death metal, doom, symohonics, and neoclassical all expertly orchestrated in a single album. Again, all the vocals, save for the Charon cover, are in Russian, which I think adds to the music. Alot of the violin and keyboard passages are so simple, it's incredible how they can combine together to make something so inspiring. The Charon cover is quite possibly my favorite cover ever, and I don't even like Charon. Look these guys up, you won't regret it.

Standout Tracks: Lugdunon, Everything Remains, Quoth the Raven
Eluveitie combine many different instruments into their music, several types of flutes, bagpipes, violins, hurdy gurdy (yes it is a real instrument) along with the typical metal instruments to produce a powerful, fun, and exciting music. Who knew bagpipes and flutes fit so well into crushing metal. There's not a song on this album that disappoints. A few, especially Kingdom Come Undone, sound like they came straight off a Dark Tranquility album, but hey, they're not so bad either. The album is a tad bit overproduced though, I would've preferred mixing more along the lines of Slania. Unfortunately it's enough to hold it back from the #1 spot.

In This Moment - A Star-Crossed Wasteland

Los Angeles CA, USA

Standout Tracks: World In Flames, Standing Alone, The Road
If you took out The Gun Show and The Promise, this would be a perfect album.
In This Moment should be very proud.


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