23. Apr. 2008, 19:29

Favorite albums of my top30 (the order changes constantly) most listened bands. Very long and subjective ramble. You really shouldn’t read it.

Oomph! - I find both Ego and Wunschkind superior. Ego is their last album with Virgin label, as a goodbye, it’s so very deep and melodic, also completely different from their other works. Well, they constantly keep changing, hope it will continue. Ego has great, a bit melancholic atmosphere, yet it’s still industrial. And it’s the only album, where Dero –really- sings [ while in older albums he also did similarly sometimes, like My Soubrette, Foil, Hunger ], and the way he does that gives me freaking chills. After all their compressed anger [ I’m talking about Sperm, Defekt and so on ] it sounds like a very mature music. I can’t think of one favorite song.
As for Wunschkind – coming in between Defekt and Unrein, it’s much more complicated than both of them, more sophisticated than the first one, and less deep than it’s successor [ although Unrein can beat a shit of it with only one song –Foil- , I still prefer Wunschkind ☻ ] Still full of anger and energy, awesome sound of keyboards… I love the title song Wunschkind, You’ve Got It is just perfect, and all the instrumentals are great.
End of manifest.

Siela – it’s Dali, oh god, it’s Dali. They were recording this album for 8 years. It’s completely… complete. Full of various inspirations, like Siela always has been. With every song having some prehistory. And it’s modern, while still being good old them. Now I can't expect anything better coming from them - well, it's year 2008, and such thing as Dali can't probably be beaten.
…and also acoustic album Tavęs Man Reikėjo is just beautiful.

Unheilig – the most beautiful album shall be Phosphor, their [ his ] first work .. while I consider Puppenspiel to be the strongest one. Plus, with most electro-dancey... bleh, it's not NDH, as you know. However, Puppenspieler and Lampenfieber have the power. And Zelluloid is also one of the best, guess many fans would nod to this.

Moonspell - oh hoo. Another genius band. They’re really various. And I never was into death metal, even if it’s a bit melodic, so I don’t listen to their first works much. And I’m a bit –afraid- to bite Under Satanae, though I'm really curious :D .. so
Okay, everyone knows, that Wolfheart is a masterpiece, doom and pagan elements, and so atmospheric, nah nah nah. Personally, I LOVE Sin Pecado – ELECTRONICS! Deep, erotic and dark-dreamy ... and Darkness And Hope, softer and more gothic metal, though many Moonspell fans don’t really like this one. But it is very beautiful. I like this word – beautiful. I like when Ribeiro sings clean - especially now [ well, it's Spring, softer side, romantic mood, wheee~ ... kidding ^^ ]

Kamelot – if this band wouldn’t do live tours and record live albums, there will be only a tiny piece of castle Kamelot left… anyway, I won’t ramble how good they are live, and just choose favorite studio album. It’s got to be Karma.
I don’t listen to Kamelot for long time, I’ve completely found them ~three weeks ago, so… so I don’t feel like I can state any facts about them. But only in my humble opinion – The Fourth Legacy is very much power metal, while Karma is power combined with sympho –and a very, veeeery tasty combination *licks* this album is like a kingdom- and the later works are more complicated, hard to name in one genre. Epica + The Black Halo is a masterpiece interpretation, you damn well know that. But I shout: Karma.
Not to mention that you can turn world upside down with one Elizabeth trilogy.
And Roy Khan.
You know, the largest pharaoh Tutankhantatat
ON YOUR KNEES!! My IQ must be falling down below zero.

Depeche Mode – I won’t sound original here. I love Violator and Exciter. I probably wouldn’t be listening to DM now, if my sister haven’t had Exciter and haven’t played this album on and on, and on… I didn’t understand English back then, but still used to “sing”: sharing our freelove… :P and also Ultra is very much to my liking.

Eisbrecher - two albums only. What a wide choice. And both are my favorites overall >_< take all my respect, Alexx Wesselsky, god of industrial … but it shall be Eisbrecher. Less strong, while more… interesting. What more can I say. Just... perfect sound.

Darkseed - again. Give Me Light is Beautiful :D a band really should have something, that is exceptionally beautiful in their discography. Just you listen to Cosmic Shining… T_T
Also I can mention Diving Into Darkness, this is the most usual, exact sound of this band to me. Wonderful vox. And also Astral Adventures. Slightly different. More.. astral. I mean the less clean sound, like from high above… somehow reminding me of the great industrial, space sound.
Do you hear me when I cry? I know you don’t.

Scream Silence – hmm.. this is overall beautiful [ no doubt this band is so high in my list ] dark rock, and I don’t even know what to choose. But let it be To Die For (which is not in as their first work, and it’s different from the later ones… and also Elegy. I became addicted to the band because of this. Pretty simple and very sincere.

Nightwish – got me addicted with Century Child. It’s unusual and strange, but I loved every single song on this album many years ago x_x .. but all in all, all my love and lust goes to Wishmaster. It’s power, fucking power times. It is awesome.

Rammstein – I won’t suck this time! No. Objections. It. Is. Sehnsucht.
If Herzeleid made your jaw drop, then Sehnsucht just ripped it out with other bones blood spurts. And it is not because of Du Hast. No. It’s just absolute industrial, or, as they call themselves, tanz-metal masterpiece.

Megaherz – no matter how much I worship Herzwerk and Herzwerk II, I choose Kopfschuss. Rock Me Amadeus is a cover, but it is woooooonderful. And I could mention more and more songs, fitting 'wonderful' category

The Cure – it really impresses me how did I listen to them so many times! I was never into post-punk, nor goth rock much, while I love their album The Head on the Door. Various, interesting. Kyoto Song is creepy and great, saxophone in A Night Like This is kissing my heart, and Push has a catchy and very pretty guitar melody, that has a power to raise mood.

E Nomine – hmm yeah… well their albums are some kind of compilations, so.. here’s the name of one - Das Beste aus Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk. I can say that it's very unique music. And I'm not even christian [ well, in principle, yes. But... ] however, thanks to these guys, I can easily pray awakened at midnight. In GERMAN.
Care. Or the Finsternis will absorb you, heretic.

Die Toten Hosen – whoa, this band has a loooong history. And I am familiar with just some small fractions of it. So Auswärtsspiel. Many my favorite songs of DTH can be found in this one.

Deine Lakaien - :/ another one that is beautiful and hard to choose. And another voice that I worship on my knees. Guess it’s Acoustic [ I can’t believe that I betray electronics, but acoustic they sound even more beautiful .. and it’s kind of best-of, heheh ] .. and April Skies. So, so beautiful. Worth it.

The Offspring – holy moly! What are they doing here.. :D neh, why is it impossible to push my childhood bands lower… anyway, this newer, commercial punk has a bullet of optimism within itself, no wonder why I liked it. Album: Ixnay on the Hombre. Once I was very, very into Gone Away.

Epica – kick me. Consign to Oblivion. Though other works are also good. There is a great trilogy A New Age Dawns, and Solitary Ground, and Trois Vierges... Wonderful vocals, really [ ... Simone's vocals, I mean. ........ well, not only. ]

Placebo – well I listened to them pretty much after their concert in Lithuania. And somehow, I listen more to their lone songs, not whole albums.. As for favorite… :/ I don’t know! Sleeping with Ghosts, I’ve heard it first. Although I also enjoy listening to Without You I’m Nothing; Meds very much.

The Kovenant – this one’s no doubt, because I’m an industrial metal fanatic. Animatronic. Music of the future and this is absolute masterpiece to me [ I can’t understand how can I adore both power –ancient times, battles, knights, dragons, past- and such industrial –cyberpunk, space, androids, galaxies, future- …. ] Oh, how I wish they’d release new album soon… 5 years have passed already, guys!

HIM- another ‘wtf are they doing here’, but yes, yes, I was a biiiiiig fan of them when I was 12-13. Nostalgia. And it’s also original. This love rock or love metal, or how do they call themselves...
Greatest Love Songs Vol.666. There are many covers... but still, It’s All Tears, The Beginning of the End
And Dark Light must be turned off. Do it now.

Samael – with all love and respect, Reign of Light. And Eternal. Oh, the great cross in the sky, where we all shine-shine-shine, I fucking saw them live, HERE [ very majestic, -can't-avert-your-eyes- sight, I must say ], I tasted an unknown planet, I want to go back to that planet agaaaaaain

Project Pitchfork – Peter Spilles is a genius and so are the stories he tells. Although, I haven’t stuck my nose into their whole discography, no. Only three albums. So

To/Die/For - hmm.. I’ve listened to them for quite a long time. The main minus is that all albums are pretty similar, sad and romantic atmosphere, so on. But, guess, All Eternity. IV is also close. Remembering them makes me want to listen to them again. Oh, the romance...

Emilie Autumn – heh, this victorian lady poser… what sweet music she makes! Electro violin is a damn machinegun. And both Opheliac and Enchant are great.

XESS – biomechanoids from Lithuania… love the singing manner. And guess, the only thing that's industrial metal and Lithuanian [ or I just don't know other alternatives ] Again not wide choice, so Psychoholic bastard Crew. Because we don’t want to be like those unisexual super heroes!

Vic Mignogna – omg, look what anime mania can bring!!
*out of comments*
Well, Metafiction (not here again), because there is Nothing I Won’t Give, and thanks to this song, I went a bit.. well… crazy?

The DogmaBlack Roses! I can’t believe how can these Italians stay so unknown… it’s unfair, but it’s okay. Again, it’s power, but it’s more modern, combined genres. I could even compare it to Kamelot [ though can’t tell why, because they aren’t that similar at all ] and Queen of the Damned… ooh boy. I am very thankful to one person, who ‘familiarized’ me with this band.

Foje1982. I won’t comment much. This band has big authority here. Just show me a Lithuanian, who hasn’t heard of them.

Tanzwut – I can’t except one album, really. But Schattenreiter was very strong. And it’s double CD – so let it be this one ^^
And the genre is very wonderful. How to call it... tanz and wut, and folk, and some industrial elements... they're Germans, duh, Germans overflow my charts.

This is it, honey, that’s it. Finally.


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