30. Jun. 2008, 14:58

Thu 26 Jun – GMM2008

When you have seen as much bands as me it's not easy to keep a festival interesting.
Don't get me wrong, the festival was fucking great, but if they don't come up with new bands I won't be going next year, I don't want to see In Flames for the 4th time or Obituary for the 3th time and so on...

Who am I kidding, I will probably go anyway lol.


Behemoth (3x) 14.50/15.20 - 3/5

Steak Number Eight (1x) 15.20/16.00 - 4/5
A local Belgian band who won a very prestigious Belgian contest (Humo's Rock Rally).

Moonspell (2x) 16.30/17.10 - 3/5

Saxon (2x) 17.15/18.10 - 4/5

Obituary (3x) 18.15/19.05 - 5/5

Def Leppard (1x) 19.10/20.10 - 3/5
Not really my cup of tea, but great music nonetheless.

Nile (3x) 20.15/21.15 - 4/5

Whitesnake (2x) 21.20/22.35

Ministry (1x) 22.40/23.55 - 5/5
Now this was something refreshing!
I absolutely wanted to see this band because they're stopping after this tour.
Industrial metal is not for everyone, but this was definitely a must see!

Judas Priest (1x) 24.00/01.30 - 4/5


Throwdown (1x) 12.45/13.25 - 4/5
Very good show to start the day!

Sabaton (1x) 13.30/14.15 - 5/5
I was glad that Volbeat canceled so these guys could play a couple of extra songs!

Bleeding Through (1x) 14.20/15.05 - 3/5

Dying Fetus (1x) 16.05/16.50 - 5/5
Fuck yeah, this band is one of the reason I love metal.

Sonata Arctica (2x) 16.55/17.55 - 3/5

Korpiklaani (1x) 18.00/18.50 - 5/5
Best show of GMM in my opinion!

Iced Earth (2x) 18.55/20.00 - 4/5
Pretty good, better than the last time at least.

Immortal (1x) 20.05/21.05 - 4/5
I'm not a real big black metal fan, but these guys were actually pretty good, maybe it's because they are considered "melodic black" :P

Cavalera Conspiracy (2x) 21.10/22.20 - 3/5
I always prefered Soulfy over Sepultura.

Kiss (1x) 23.30/01.00 - 3/5
Not my kind of thing and the power shortage didn't really help.


Rotting Christ (1x) 12.10/12.50 - 3/5

Black Tide (1x) 13.00/13.40 - 4/5
The lead singer of this band is only 14 fucking years old, but he can play guitar like a professional!

Apocalyptica (2x) 14.15/15.05 - 5/5

Soilwork (2x) 15.10/15.55 - 4/5

Bullet for My Valentine (2x) 16.00/16.50 - 5/5
I know you fuckers don't consider these guys 'real' or 'true', but I don't give a shit, they know what it takes to give a great show!

Avenged Sevenfold (2x) 17.50/18.40 - 2/5
Last time they sucked because I could only hear the drums, this time it was because they only played new songs and I don't like them.
I guess this is one of those bands who only sound good in the studio.

At the Gates (1x) 18.45/19.35 - 5/5

In Flames (3x) 19.40/20.50 - 3/5

Arch Enemy (4x) 20.55/21.55 - 5/5
I was originally planning to see go and see Opeth, but the fuckers canceled so I had to go and see Arch Enemy (again), but you don't see me complain as I'm a huge fan :P

Iron Maiden (2x) 22.00/00.00 - 5/5
Now this was really the highlight of GMM08, they only played old songs which was awesome.
Bruce really can't shut up for two seconds between songs, which is actually pretty cool and keeps the show on a certain 'personal' level.
During the show he announced that Spain had won the EK08 and suddenly all the Germans were very quiet :P
At this point he said that the police weren't allowing any more people in because it was getting to crowded and dangerous, there were 55,000 people watching the Iron Maiden show, that was pretty impressive!


  • Chimpz

    MAIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!! Zeker het hoogtepunt dit jaar, samen met Sabaton. Alleen Rotting Christ 3/5 vind ik wat vreemd.

    30. Jun. 2008, 16:49
  • McKillaboy

    >>Alleen Rotting Christ 3/5 vind ik wat vreemd. pas op, ze waren wel goed hoor, maar het is mijn genre niet echt :P

    30. Jun. 2008, 17:16
  • Miggly

    Dude, soilwork, don't get me wrong, love em to bits, but the sound was terrible!

    30. Jun. 2008, 20:21
  • McKillaboy

    I was at the back of the tent eating some fries so I didn't really heard anything wrong lol

    30. Jun. 2008, 22:05
  • SkaTr6

    Sabaton was the absolutely highlight ... Maybe because is was in the Fucking 2nd row, waiting from 11 ...

    1. Jul. 2008, 15:54
  • diedie2

    55.000 people....:o

    2. Jul. 2008, 20:09
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