• Unia: Review

    18. Jul. 2007, 1:24

    The release of Unia marks the long-anticipated return of Sonata Arctica after their last release, Reckoning Night in 2004. This album provides a crisp melodic sound with excellent composition, an assembly of heavy guitar licks, signature keyboarding, powerful bellows and enchanting melody. Many tracks on the album deserve considerable recognition. “In Black and White,” “The Harvest,” and “Paid In Full” are sure to grab everyone’s attention. Among many instruments played are the bouzouki, chromaharp, cavaquinho, and the Q-chord. While Sonata Arctica evolve into a fresh musical style, they would sooner sacrifice record sales than compromise their true metal sound. Unia proves that Sonata have always, and will always be, a staple in power metal.

    - Max “Metalhead” Marak