Mass In Comatose, Estland
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CarcassBlind Bleeding the Blind 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassArbeit Macht Fleisch 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassThis Mortal Coil 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassEmbodiment 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassHeartwork 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassNo Love Lost 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassCarnal Forge 18. Aug. 2009
CarcassBuried Dreams 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceLost Souls ( Bonus Track) 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceOut of the Body (Bonus T.. 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceChemo Therapy (Bonus Tra.. 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceIn Sickness And Death 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceY2H 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceHangMan 18. Aug. 2009
PestilenceResurrection Macabre 18. Aug. 2009
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Über mich

Mass in Comatose is a three-piece death metal act from Tallinn, Estonia that plays old-school death metal with a playfully experimetal edge. The birth of the band was in early 2007, when Sorts, having parted ways with Nihilistikrypt, sought to set up his own project recruiting Ove from Aeon Aethereal to fulfill the duties of lead guitar. During the summer of 2007 Siim, the bass player (Cramp, ex-DNR) was found via an online add. Many applicants were auditioned for the vocalist position including Aeon Aethereal's vocalist Ott Kadak, but due to lack of time he didn't have time to commit to the project but contributetd the lyrics for "Control the Masses" He also appears on the album in the form of guest vocals. Instead, Siim took on the vocal duties as well and the initial line up was complete.

In early 2008 recording began on the MCD release "Sempiternal Nightmare Industry" with Thonolan (Urt) filling the session drummer spot, the release date of which is scheduled for sometime in 2009.