• Spamcore

    23. Aug. 2008, 15:19

    After being spammed by Lavondyss' label, Wolf At Your Door Records, and being sick of seeing spam messages by aforementioned label in literally hundreds of artist's shoutboxes, I protested against the shitty and unethical marketing tactics employed by the band's label in Lavondyss' shoutbox.

    The guy that uses spams as wolfatyourdoor got all butthurt and demanded that I removed all negative comments about Lavondyss from

    I refused, he got more butthurt.

    Now I have received this unsolicited correspondence from someone connected to the band (probably their dad). When are Lavondyss and their brand of insipid haircut spamcore going to fuck off out of my general earshot?

    TAG AS .
  • Daitro Vs Godzilla

    7. Aug. 2008, 23:06

    Awesome footage of French maestros, Daitro, slaying Japan. I hope they play some shows in the UK soon to support the lastest LP.
  • Raein tearing through Tigersuit

    26. Jul. 2008, 12:37

    This video of their best song, Tigersuit, was filmed at a show in Leeds during Raein's 2005 UK tour. Amazing footage, every show should be as visceral and passionate as this, no separation between artist and audience, physical or mental.

    If you don't get shivers up your spine whilst watching this, you are a dead and spineless fuck. Or you just don't like Raein.
  • CPWK Are Fuckin' Dead

    30. Mai. 2008, 10:42

    Always the last to be told anything, I found out this morning that Cutting Pink With Knives are calling it a day and splitting.

    I'm a little sad that I won't see anymore of their entertaining and quite frankly offensive live shows, but like the family dog that has canine arthritis and can't manage a trot round the park anymore, CPWK had a good innings so try not to weep too hard as they are put out of their misery by a man in a green smock wielding a massive hypodermic full of lethal muscle relaxant.

    In tribute I shall be listening to CPWK's similar artists radio all day, and wearing a black armband at work, fashioned from gaffer tape.

    Who shall carry CPWK's TorchOfGrind into the future? My money's on GO! With Fourteen O, 2 O'Clock Girlfriend and iwrestledabearonce.

    RIP two jews and a baldy.
  • Low at the Union Chapel, London

    19. Apr. 2008, 23:26

    Sat 19 Apr – Low, The Helio Sequence

    Low were amazing. From the first few bars of opening song, 'Murderer', a lump was in my throat. Alan & Mimi's voices floated through the hushed air of the Union Chapel like drifting snowflakes, the music fragile yet full of concealed savagery and power.

    A below par rendition of 'Sunflower', the inclusion of the god awful Beatles & Stones referencing song 'Hatchet' (I hate that song with a passion) and the fact they didn't play anything from my favourite Low record 'Secret Name' were the only blemishes on an otherwise beautiful evening.
  • Muzak To Check Out Later

    17. Apr. 2008, 11:34

    This is like an on-teh-internets post-it note to scribble down all the bands I like whilst listening to random radio stations. If you have any other recommendations you think I may like, please holler.

    Daniel Striped Tiger
    Mihai Edrisch
    The Helio Sequence
    Clikatat Ikatowi
    Food For Animals
    Charles Bronson
    Robot Has Werewolf Hand
    Bury Your Dead
    Sika Redem
    Black Pus
    Captain Ahab
    Suis La Lune
    Cancer Bats
    Followed By 37 Seconds Of Happiness
    Sky Eats Airplane
    Oval (94 Diskont)
    Horror City
    Loma Prieta
    Mesa Verde
    A Fine Boat, That Coffin!
    In Loving Memory
    To Dream Of Autumn
    Mach Tiver
    The Death Of Her Money
    Blame Game
    Harvey Milk
    Shit And Shine
    Parts & Labor
    The Dead C
    Paysage d’Hiver
  • Back off man, I'm a scientist

    14. Mär. 2008, 0:27

    Thu 13 Mar – Dananananaykroyd, Agaskodo Teliverek, Maths Class

    Fucking amazing show. Maths Class were a bit shit, just some skinny-hipped poseur kids trying to rip off the Blood Brothers (and failing).

    Agaskodo Teliverek were joyfully chaotic, like Melt Banana dipped in honey. Possibly the most sexay band on the planet right now, if you cream over disco keytar queens and men in tight gym shorts.

    Dananananaykroyd were totally phenomenal, one of the most intense, yet positive bands I've seen in a lononononong time. Like a twelve-armed octopus flailing a dozen switchblades in your face, the hardcore fury thundering from their amps (and two drum kits) was tempered by the sheer elation that the band brought to the show. Like The Polyphonic Spree banging out Black Flag covers. Bring on the Sissy Hits.