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Dead KennedysThis Could Be Anywhere 3. Nov., 11:34
Icons of FilthDividing Line 3. Nov., 11:29
Mau Mausleaders 3. Nov., 11:28
Dead KennedysViva Las Vegas 3. Nov., 11:26
The Suicide MachinesBurning in the Aftermath 3. Nov., 11:23
Minor ThreatSeeing Red 3. Nov., 11:22
More Than HateWorld Of Waste 3. Nov., 11:20
NoMeansNoGive Me The Push 3. Nov., 11:16
Calibre 12Patrão do caralho 3. Nov., 11:12
Gorilla BiscuitsStand Still 3. Nov., 11:10
Wendy O. WilliamsGoin' Wild 3. Nov., 11:06
The First StepTime To Understand 3. Nov., 11:03
Ratos de PorãoH.I.D.H. 3. Nov., 11:00
Killing JokeYou'll Never Get to Me Lieblingslied 3. Nov., 10:55
Agnostic FrontCrime Without Sin 3. Nov., 10:50
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Über mich

oi name's Manolo,I'm the vocalist of Portuguese Punk band(CRISE TOTAL[Total Crisis]),also a sound producer,drummer,events organizer,etc...In the past I've played with such acts as HOLOCAUSTO,PROFILAXIA,LOS PAZ D'ALMA,CAPITAO FANTASMA,M.A.D.,but my main band is and will always be CRISE TOTAL...These days I live in the U.K.(Brighton) but still go to Portugal every year to gig with my band,also have a new project in Brighton called TURRA but we're still missing both a bass and guitar player!Also have a smaller project called Cães Portugueses,we already recorded a song and you can find it here...wanna know more,just ask!...ANARCHY'N'PEACE!!/CriseTotalães+Portugueses

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