• Some Swedish words and stuff, for you Swedish interested dudes

    10. Apr. 2008, 17:39

    [I did this in like 30 minutes so there might be a lot of logical stuff missing, like order and such, but if you want i will ad it, and i will ad it, just not now. Right now it is focused on being short and.. well that's it :P]

    I decided to make this in case some of you were interested in swedish, and it is better to start somwhere than nowhere so i have a list of random words, though some of them are pretty important words like, as, is, was etc

    +Some words are kinda simmiliar when comparing english and swedish, and some german to so here's a little list of some words, both smilliar and not :)+

    You could basicly test yourself by translating the above text to swedish afterwards :P (the text within the + + marks)
    I apologise if it ainnt easy to read, if it is, then
    tell me why and it will be fixed.

    The Words are just put in here in random order:

    Dead = Död
    Die = Dö
    Inside = inuti
    Into = in i
    Some = Några
    With = Med
    Hand = Hand
    Registered = Registrerad

    Killer = Mördare
    Killed = Mördad
    Murder = Mord
    Slaughter = Slakt
    Next = Nästa
    Have = Ha
    Till = Tills
    Best = Bäst
    Words = Ord
    Are = Är
    Both = Båda

    Text = Text
    You = Du
    Yourself= Själv/Ensam
    Sweden= Sverige
    Scandinavia= Norden ("Skandinavien" in swedish refers to the part of Scandinavia that is the "Norway/sweden part)

    I = Jag
    Me = Mig
    Am = Är
    Is = Är
    But = Men
    Men = Män
    Man = Man
    When = När
    Comparing = Jämför
    Compared = Jämförd / Jämfört
    Computer = Dator
    Kinda = Ganska/Typ
    Alone = Ensam
    A/An = En/Ett (not the same rules, do'nt make me explain them, we swedes don't even know them :P)

    And = Och
    Swedish(person) = Svensk
    Swedish (persons)= Svenskar
    Swedish (atribute)= Svenskt
    Sweden = Sverige
    Germany =Tyskland
    German(people/s)= Tysk/Tyskar
    France = Frankrike
    India = Indien
    Norway = Norge
    Not = Inte
    Stupid = Dum
    Fuck you = Fan ta dig (the litteral translation would be "may the devil take you")

    Shit! = Skit! (Pronounced almost the same, but the "T" is slower and the "Sh"/"k" part is harder)

    Well(Eg. the well i started this entry with)= Too many things for me to write them down, jsut skip it

    Well(the whole in the ground filled with water)= Brunn
    Brown = Brun
    Red = Röd
    Black = Svart
    Shoot = Skjuten
    Shot = Skjuten
    Angry = Arg
    Which = Vilket
    Witch = Häxa

    Ass/Arse = Arsle/Röv
    Write = Skriva
    Type = Skriva
    Simmiliar = Liknande
    Was = var
    Were= Var
    Who? = Vem?
    Who(when using it in this was "it was he "who" did that) = Som
    As = Som

    That was some words, and if you want more here's a link to a youtube version of the first episode ofMastering Swedish which is Slay Radio's very own radio show made to learn people swedish, while laughing their asses of, they basicly torture the one handling the show with swedish words and stuff. It is quite educational becase it covers up what happens when you put a " " (space) where it don't belong and so on.

    Two english two swedish translators:
    Freedict It contains more than one language, it has a bit fewer swedish word than the one below
    LexinThis one has more words, but this one is in swedish, so you can't really use it as well as a swede will but you can atleast see the words, and you might understand more and more as time passes

    If any of you see something i can improve tell and i will do that :)
    If you see any translations that's fucked upp or missing then just post and they will be added. (Of course words are missing, but if you want more i will gladly put them in there :) )
  • How I got into Metal

    9. Apr. 2008, 21:01

    Disclaimer: This might not be interesting, well written, or anything else. This is also my first ever Journal entry :) I mainly decided to do this for myself, not anyone else really, but if you wanna read, why dontcha! ;)
    (Just dont say i did'nt warn you :P)

    This topic is stolen from the So Was Metal Your First Love? Thread on the Openminded Metalhead forum :).

    Everyone have their own way into the music they listen to nowadays (though some have never really changed what they are listening to).
    And this is my story :)

    So how did it start? And what did I listen to first? And Why?

    Well, since I've been a ittle kid my father listened to various artists and some other music, so I was quickly into that genre and tagged along listening to it when I was a kid. My mom occasionally listened to Elvis, and some other genres
    Of course the pop and so on on the radio was something i ocasionaly heard, even though I can't say I listened to it alot.
    I almost did it again! Damn it! Forgetting my brother that is :)
    He listened to some , some , some , and i think one or two of the earlier metal bands. Some examples include Europe, Genesis, and Ebba Gröneven though i think Imperiet was played a bit more, and of curse Van_halen.
    At that time i also listened alot to ABBA, Aqua, Magnus Uggla, and Markoolio.

    When I was around 14 years old or so I started going to LANs (you know, small to big meetings with computer geeks that bring their computers and game themselfs senseless for 3 days without sleeping (much)).
    That was when I encountered the new musical love of my life, no, it was'nt metal, it was Trance and the sister genres of it, but no techno or hardstyle or so. I still listened to some classical music but what I listened to by myself on my computer was trance, including ATB.
    At that time i started getting more and more exposure to metal, i heard some on the Radio, they were REALLY rare though, and some on LAN, though more popular there than on the radio it was still seldom.

    I remember when my dad drove me home from soemthing, and they played some metal band on the radio and we said:
    "That damn music!"
    We almost switched channels when i remembered something my brother had said about classical music:
    "Turn to volume up or the good part is ruined!"
    So i decided to test it with this band, and gasp and behold! It suddenly sounded like music! I think that was the main reason I later switched musical preferences :)

    But more and more rock and metal started to get into my life, eventually i got my hands on some Nightwish and Breaking Benjamin and Sonata Artcica. By now i started to blend Trance, Classical music, some rock, and the newfound favourites within the rock and metal tree.

    The Transformation to a Metalhead, an Openminded Metalhead

    We now fast forward to.. 05 i believe. When i met a dude which were later going to be a class mate of mine, this dude introduced me to soem heavier stuff like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity and then pretty soon also Static-X.

    After being introduced to all these artists i started searching the net for more info about the ones i listened to, but also new ones. Then the number of metal artists started to increase with the speed of light and some now even call me a full fledged metalhead ^^ tho I don't really follow the dress code.. Not yet atleast :P
    Since then me and my friends talk about metal and what not and changes bands with each other:
    "You MUST listen to THIS dude!" etc.
    It took a year or two before i started listening to the earlier metal bands, but I listen to pretty much any genre, and era now :)
    I think i like pretty much the whole spectra :)

    I still listen to Classical music, I'm at the moment listening to some again :D
    I always have and always will be pretty open about music and musical genres, as long as It sounds good i will listen to it, nothing more, nothing less :)

    Well, this was pretty much everything without ALL the details :P
    I Hope it was'nt boring, and if it was, feel free to say so and what was :)
    (You can post even if it was'nt boring too :P)

    And of course, Thank you for reading!