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Almost a unique act on the alternative metal scene due to its leading female lineup, Mahavatar's strains reveal a singular ability to deliver tense and anguished themes, pulled by tumultuous guitars and ponderous rock features. The band's mission is also defined by the meaning of their designation. The word itself, Mahavatar, has an Indian origin significance of immortality, but the New York crew adjoined it with their very own particular signification: Mind Hypnotic Vision Towards Revolution. Magazine reviews from all over the world have all come back with much praise and the desire to hear more. The common theme that runs through all is that the sound of Mahavatar is beyond anything heard before. Many bands have been attributed as influences, but all agree that Mahavatar represent a unique force in the music world. Mahavatar have also been featured on radio stations in the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands and the USA. One of the many stations that help spread the message of Mahavatar in the USA is 89.5 FM WSOU, Seton Hall's Pirate Radio, where Mahavatar's "The E Song" was chosen as the Street Patrol Show Cut. WSOU is a NJ based college radio station that averages 100, 000+ listeners a day and is the most popular radio station on the East Coast for hard-edged music. Mahavatar also maintains a strong presence on, where "The Time Has Come" was #1 on the Doom/Stoner metal charts for 10 weeks and attained a top 40 position in the overall metal charts. All other songs have been in the top 100 of their respective genres. Mahavatar's worldwide fan base is growing steadily every day as the masses receive increased exposure to their message... a cult following in the making.


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