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Dr. Dopo JamSurfin' in Sahara 11. Apr., 16:42
David T. ChastainNightmares 11. Apr., 16:38
Jethro TullA New Day Yesterday Lieblingslied 11. Apr., 16:34
Gentle GiantAnother Show 11. Apr., 16:30
CreamWe're Going Wrong Lieblingslied 11. Apr., 16:26
CamelLies Lieblingslied 9. Apr., 14:49
CreamWe're Going Wrong Lieblingslied 9. Apr., 14:45
CreamSWLABR 9. Apr., 14:42
CreamTales of Brave Ulysses 9. Apr., 14:39
CreamBlue Condition 9. Apr., 14:36
CreamDance the Night Away 9. Apr., 14:32
CreamWorld of Pain 9. Apr., 14:29
CreamSunshine of Your Love 9. Apr., 14:25
CreamStrange Brew 9. Apr., 14:22
CreamWe're Going Wrong Lieblingslied 8. Apr., 15:06
King CrimsonStarless Lieblingslied 8. Apr., 14:54
CaravanGrandma's Lawn (Stereo Version 8. Apr., 14:45
AnimalsRock Me Baby 8. Apr., 14:39
CreamWe're Going Wrong Lieblingslied 8. Apr., 14:35
CreamWe're Going Wrong Lieblingslied 8. Apr., 14:25
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Über mich

Hola Rockeros y Metalheads!

Como pueden observar en los listados, mis géneros favoritos son el Rock Clásico de los 60s y 70s, Rock Progresivo, Rock Psicodélico, Blues y todo lo relacionado con dichos estilos.

También me gusta el Metal Extremo como el Thrash, Death y Black Metal, sobre todo el Brutal Death Técnico y y el Black Metal bien piñero, sin nada de piedad :P

Todo empezó con Pink Floyd. Cuando tenía 11 años encontré dentro de una caja azul transparente un cassette original de The Wall. Ese fue el momento más increíble de mi niñez. ¨In The Flesh¨ cambió mi vida para siempre. :)

Hi Rockers and MetalHeads!

As you can see, my favorite genres are: Classic Rock from 60s & 70s, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues,

I also like extreme Metal as Thrash, Death and Black Metal bands, specially Technical Brutal Death and Black Metal with no mercy xD

Everything started with Pink Floyd, i was 11 years old and found in a strange transparent blue box a Original Tape of The Wall. That was the most incredible thing that happened in my childhood. "In the Flesh" changed my life from that moment. :)

"I ain't got too much money, I ain't got too much sense
Long ago I had a dream but that's no recompense
My father was a blind man, my brother was a fool
My mother told me "God is love"
But hatred makes the rules

Teach me to fly
So I shan't drag my feet in the sand
Give me the sky
I would take the whole world in my hand

World, don't you tell me
I cannot last forever
Before you know I'll come and go
And make you if I can

Maybe I'm a beggar, just check your sympathy
They throw away their gentle love
And keep their pain for me

Can we be free, in a world where to love is to own?
Well when will we see, that a man must face life all alone?"
(Supertramp - Maybe I´m A Beggar)

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