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2PacTradin War Stories 23. Nov., 18:35
2PacOnly God Can Judge Me 23. Nov., 18:31
2PacLife Goes On 23. Nov., 18:25
2PacHeartz Of Men 23. Nov., 18:21
2PacNo More Pain 23. Nov., 18:15
2Pac2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted 23. Nov., 18:10
2PacHow Do You Want It 23. Nov., 18:06
2PacGot My Mind Made Up 23. Nov., 18:00
2PacSkandalouz 23. Nov., 17:56
2PacAll Bout U 23. Nov., 17:52
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Über mich

Murkage continues to defy easy categorisation. Born out of dissatisfaction and inspired by the ‘do it yourself, do it different’ spirit hanging over Manchester, the 6 year long revolution in club music began to evolve into a new form. A band with a truly unique creativity and philosophy and a sound built on a truly unique platform. Murkage has been the subtext to some of the most exciting new UK acts; Madam X, Star One, Acropolis Sound were swords also forged in the weekly Murkage Club fires. Now it’s time to be explicit – As uncompromising as rap and punk, Murkage are ready to step out of the shadows and shoulder the responsibilities of the UK urban music culture and do battle with the status quo, holding a promise that you’ve never heard anything like this before.

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