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Über mich

Feeling downtrodden
Fresh kid turned rotten
I can't believe how naive that I've gotten
Over the years seems like I'm getting dumber
Reminiscing to a time when I was younger with a hunger
Full of dreams, determination, self-esteem
But now it seems they hesitate to be on my team
You know the routine
When you winnin' they grinnin'
All up in your face like they was with you from the beginning
But on the flipside, when you washed up like a riptide
Fools clown 'bout how you slipped and let shit slide
Besides the fact my voice is whack
Clowns is runnin' around talkin' 'bout I smoke crack
Ain't got no homies that got my back
Yeah I'm a brother, but sometimes I don't feel black
My girl is white, my game ain't tight
Niggaz who ain't seen me in a while be like, "Dude, you aight?"
I go out like a sucker almost everyday
In the back of your mind you probably thinking I was gay
But naw I'm just a bitch-ass nigga
The type to get jacked if i was a rich-ass nigga
I've been a loser just about my whole life
The type to try to turn a ho to a house wife
What do you expect, I give respect
And feel for hos niggas keep in check
I'm far from hard, emotionally scarred
On Pico Boulevard I was regarded as a retard
I make myself sick, get on my own nerves
Immature, insecure grown-up nerd
A half-bit MC on a label that's unstable
Choppin' bliggy on the table

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