24. Jul. 2011, 1:13

They say that there is a light at the end of every tunnel. I only have hope in God that the light is there. For the past 40 years it seems that the tunnels are butted together. Some days it feels like I have been fighting a battle, The war that is waging against me is not life threatening, it's soul threatening. Oddly enough, since my youth, I have been able to see that. I've never been quite sure why such a battle is waged over someone as unimportant as me. What kind of threat is a housewife with no real skills. There have always been problems with my health, I do the best I can as a wife and mother, I love my church though I miss a lot lately due to illness. So why does this war wage? My war is waging because I'm a christian. Period.

For the record, I have faith that God can heal me. But God never said that life would be easy and that we would never have pain. Job told me that sometimes we just have to go through it. Many people become angry with God for allowing the bad that happens and to be honest so have I but never enough to turn my back on Him.

You see, I already know who wins the war. No matter how hard this life may get I could never go to the lossing side. The truth is God has been the only reason that I made it this far with my sanity. This life may be hard but life without God would be impossible for me.

This Life
Give Me Jesus
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)


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