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Über mich

I'm Mark, born in Basildon Hospital in Essex on 8th January 1983 to Jan and Richard. My parents have been divorced for several years and have both remarried. My dad's in Gibraltar. My mum works in a grocery store. I have an older sister, Kelly (26), who's married to Ian (30), and a half-sister, Abbie (4) who has Down's Syndrome. Kelly and Ian have two children: Nathan (3) and Zoe (1). As far as I'm aware I am English with no foreign blood. Which I think is a shame. I want a bit of exoticism in me. My grandfather on my father's side is deceased. My gran is still alive and is 82 this year. I grew up in Basildon although I now live in Leytonstone, London. My schools were both in Basildon (St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Primary School, and De La Salle Roman Catholic School) whereI got fairly good GCSE results. I went on to do A Levels in Palmer's College in Grays where I studied History, English Language and Politics. When my parents split I stayed with my dad in the family home (which has now been sold). I read Modern History at the University of East Anglia in Norwich and graduated with a 2:1 in 2004. I returned to Basildon and moved in with my mum. I was unemployed over that summer, but then got a job at a call centre which worked for Egg, and it was rather fun. A few months later I got a job in London working as a Yeoman on HMS Belfast, opposite the Tower of London. After 10 months, I managed to secure a new job working for the House of Commons. I've been there for over a year. I'm pretty shy and quiet and have a habit of knowing incredibly boring and inconsequential things which nobody else would care about. I'm quite good-humoured and friendly. Also a huge geek. Oh, and I'm a huge tart when it comes to me hair.