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20. Mär. 2010, 14:15

My Box-set and other exculsive collections

AC/DC – Black Ice
[Tin-case with cd/dvd, sticker set, flag, pick and 20 page photo booklet]

Procol Harum – All This and More…
[A 4-disc compendium with 2 classic collection, 1 live and a live dvd]

Yes – Essentially –special edition 5-disc
[The Ladder/Talk/Open Your Eyes/Magnification/Live Montreux 2003]

Elvis #1 (black-box)
[contains 18 nr. 1 replica singles]

Traveling Wilburys – The Collection
[2cd/dvd, 4 photo’s, sticker and Certificate of Authenticity (50725]

Bob Dylan – Dylan
[contains 3 LP replica discs, 10 collector cards and story booklet]

Steely Dan – Citizen 1972-1980 [4cd]
[contains every releases song until 1980]

Eric Clapton – Crossroads [4cd]
[contains a collection of classics and rare unreleased song from: Eric Clapton, Yardbirds, Cream and more]

Electric Light Orchestra – Flashback [3cd]
[contains the classics and unreleased songs and story line book with liner notes about every song]

The Moody Blues – Time Traveler [4cd]
[contains the classics and unreleased songs with a story book]

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run [30th Anniversary Edition 1cd/2dvd]
[contains Born to Run remasterd, a documentary, Live at Hammersmith 1975 and 48 page photo booklet]

David Gilmour – Live in Gdansk [3cd/2dvd]
[contains 5 discs, replica: postcard, ticket, backstage pass and artist pass, Gilmour custom guitar pick, 7 photo print, double sided poster and 24 page booklet]

Stevie Nicks – Enchanted [3cd]
[contains classics and unreleased songs]

Simple Minds – Silver Box [5cd]
[contains demos, live, sessions, and Our Secrets are The Same album

Barclay James Harvest – All is Safely Gathered In- An Anthology 1967-1997 [5cd]
[contains classics, unreleased and unavailable songs with a 60 page booklet]

Yes – In A Word (1969-)
[contains classics, unreleased and alternative songs with story book

Depeche Mode – Sound of the Universe [limited box set]
[contains Sounds of the Universe album, bonus tracsk, remixes, demos, dvd with SOTU in 5.1 with documentary and video’s, 2 hardback books, 2 buttons, 14 sealed Remix Art Cards (still closed), logo-poster, fold out studio photo book, credits book and Certificate of Authenticity (nr. 20305)

Muse – The Resistance [limited box set]
[contains album and bonus dvd, The Resistance on 2 large LP’s, a hard page lytho and a Muse-usb stick]

Porcupine Tree – The Incident [limited box set]
[contains the album and a bonus disc with 4 extra tracks and a dvd with the Incident in 5.1, 1 large hard-back photobook with lyrics and 1 soft-back book with art-full drawings]

Chris Rea – Blue Guitars [12 disc Earbook]
[contains 11 discs with different styles of blues with ‘Dancing Down the Stony Road’ DVD

Chris Rea – The Return of the Fabulour Hofner Bluenotes [3cd/2Lp Earbook]
[contains 2 Lp’s and 1 cd with music from The Delmonts and 2 cd’s with music from the Hofner Blue Notes and 80 page book]

The Police – Message in a Box-The Complete Recordings 4cd]
[contains all songs from: Outlandos D’Amour, Reggatta de Blanc, Zenyatta Mondatta, Ghost in the Machine, Synchronicity and al other released b-sides and more]

Dave Gahan – Hourglass Remixes [Lp/cd]
[contains a remix cd from the Hourglass songs]

Bass Communion – Loss 12” Lp
[contains a Lp with the song Loss divided on each side of the Lp. 1 of the 500 print and is currenty framed]

Deep Purple – Live in Europe 1993
[contains 2 2disc live performances; Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart & NEC Arena Birmingham]

Elvis Presley – The Collection
[contains 7 original released albums; Blue Hawaii, Elvis Country (I’ m 10000 Years Old), From Elvis in Memphis, Elvis NBC Tv Special, Elvis Presley (first album), Elvis’ Christmas Album & Moody Blue]

I.E.M. – Untitled [Complete I.E.M.
[contains all all music released by Steven Wilson’s I.E.M. between 1996-2001. All 4 albums and vinyl extra’s houses in a hard slipcase]

King Crimson – In The Court of The Crimons King [5cd/dvd]
[contains ITCOFCK in 6 different recording styles. Mixes by Robert Fripp and/or Steven Wilson, 1969 live bootleg restored, 1969 vinyl mix, 5.1 surround mix, 2 photograph, lyrics-sheet and 2 buttons]

Dream Theater – Black Clouds and Silver Linings [3cd/dvd/2lp]
[contains BCSL on cd and 2LP’s, a bonus disc with covers, a bonus disc with BCSL with instrumental mix, bonus dvd to isolate every instument played on BCSL, 2 lyrics sheets, numbered lytograph, BCSL mousepad]
[not signed and no silverticket]

Steven Wilson – Insurgentes [2cd/dvd]
[contains the hardbook-cover edition of the album Insurgentes]

Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize [2cd/dvd/blu][Red-Cover]
[contains the hardbook-cover editon of the live recorded concert at 013 Tilburg, Netherlands]

Transatlantic – The Whirld Tour 2010 [2dvd/3cd]
[contains the 3cd’s and 2dvd’s cases in 1 soft-paper slipcase][unsigned]

King Crimson – Thrak [Japan Tin-case]
[contains 24k gold disc of Thrak, Japanese promotional poster, double trio sticker, Vrooom-button and a tour-book]

Elvis Presley – Live in Las Vegas [4cd]
[contains 4 disc’s of live recorded material]

Creedence Clearwater Revival Box [6cd]
[contains all the released songs from the Blue Velvets, Golliwogs and CCR]

Sigur Ros – Meo Suo I Eyrum viu Spilum Endalaust [cd/dvd/book]
[contains the MSESE album and on a 5.1 dvd disc, packed together in a 96 page book]

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts I-IV [2cd/dvd/blu]
[contains the Ghosts album on 2 cd’s, one dvd & on Blu-ray with additional remix files. And contains an additional book with information about each song and photography]

The Beatles - The Beatles Stereo Box Set [16cd/1dvd]
[contains all the new remastered studio albums of The Beatles inclusive the Past Masters Vol.1 & 2 with a bonus dvd containing all the mini-documentaries]

Yes - Fly From Here [cd/dvd/vinyl]
[contains the album on cd and vinyl with the making-of documentary, a special lithigraph, a sticker and a T-shirt (size large)]


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