• AMUC: Foreshadows - The Ghost Of Zero

    30. Mär. 2012, 5:37

    Okay, I have a confession to make. I realize the last time I wrote a journal with any relevant information about AMUC was three years ago.

    On account of this, I am forced to acknowledge that I am absolutely horrible at marketing myself.

    However, I can attest that Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness has been very busy.

    I have this album here that I have been writing piecemeal, hence the name "Piecemeal". It's up to a FULL three tracks so far, and at the rate I'm going, I predict it will be up to full album length by the onset of the next Ice Age in about 15,000 years:

    Feel free to download it for free - what's already there, anyway:


    Additionally, I partake in the RPM Challenge annually - the challenge being to write an entire album in the month of February.

    While these albums typically don't make it to Last FM [since they need some fine-tuning], if you're curious what they sound like, you can find them here:

    AMUC Albums On Alonetone

    Finally, I was involved with a project called Foreshadows: The Ghosts Of Zero. It's a hard-copy science fiction anthology that comes with a 19 song music soundtrack included.

    What's interesting about Foreshadows is the music actually predates the fiction. Science fiction authors listened to the individual tracks, and then created stories influenced by them. (Each track has a corresponding story.)

    To find out more, go here:

    Foreshadows website

    Okay - I'm done self-promoting now. You'll probably next hear from me in another three years, given my reprehensible promotional track record.

    Lunarsight / Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness [AMUC]
  • AMUC: Baptism re-recording

    19. Jun. 2009, 21:12

    I wasn't completely happy with how Baptism had turned out. For a ten minute track, it seemed to drag a little.

    So, I tried recording it a second time - after about six weeks assisted by dozens of cups of coffee, this is the end result:


    I'm still doing some minor tweaking of the levels - if it gets a positive response, I'll formally add it to Last FM.
  • AMUC: Dead In The Water is released

    22. Aug. 2008, 2:11

    I'm proud to announce the release of a new AMUC album, which is either the second or fourth album, depending on how you're counting:

    Dead In The Water

    It's a combination of electronica and ambient, with some of the idiosynchracies of heavier rock. (It uses a LOT of samples -- I have the sample credits listed out over on Soundclick.)

    General themes include rebirth, entrapment, desertion, evolution and damnation.

    Any feedback is appreciated. I had posted the full album on Soundclick, and it wasn't even being noticed.

    (I knew it was a bad sign when I saw the virtual tumbleweed rolling across my page there.)
  • Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda..

    21. Mai. 2008, 10:47

    I am so sick of the banner advertisements on this site plugging whatever pop act the big record labels are currently promoting to death.

    Doesn't anybody else get tired of their blatant attempts to tell us what the 'next big thing' in music is supposed to be?

    We like to think we decide that for ourselves, but it's pretty obvious the record labels determine that with their big-budget marketing campaigns, which often include tie-ins to television, video games, and movies.

    You just can't escape their influence.

    To prove my point, see how long you can go in the day before being exposed to some band that a major record label is trying to create a buzz for.
  • Clearing my iPod of all RIAA music..

    7. Mai. 2008, 4:29

    I'm sorry it's had to come to this, but I won't even listen to any RIAA-affiliated music until the endless piracy lawsuits against college students stop.

    A couple of exceptions..

    1) If a band left a major label for a non-RIAA-affiliated label, I'll listen to that part of their catalog from their major label days that I already own, but I won't purchase any new albums from them created while they had been on the major label.

    2) If a band is defunct and/or obscure, and had been on a major label, again - I'll listen to anything I already have, but not purchase any albums for them.

    The end result is -

    I ain't purchasing any major label discs until the RIAA labels stop conducting themselves like 'rectal orifices'.
  • Sometimes a song is just perfect for a given day.

    29. Apr. 2008, 4:15

    Monday Afternoon by Moodcrush fit the general mood perfectly today.

    The weather in New England on Monday afternoon was cold and rainy. The lyrics to the Moodcrush song fit the environment like a glove.

    If you haven't heard of Moodcrush, you're missing out.

    They were a fantastic MA band from the 90s who never got half the credit they deserved.
  • AMUC / Dead In The Water

    1. Jan. 2008, 8:09

    I have uploaded the title track from Dead In The Water over on Soundclick. It's over seven minutes long, and available for free download.

    It comes across fairly well - an interesting combination of ambient soundscapes and heavier electronica. (It almost teases loud rock here and there.)

    I've included the link below:

    AMUC artist page on Soundclick

    I plan to upload the other tracks to Soundclick as I finish mastering them.

    Once the entire album is mastered, I'll also post it to Last FM in its entirety.

    (Feedback is always appreciated - Jeskola Buzz is a buggy nightmare to work with, so if you hear something that sounds wrong, let me know. I think I caught most of it, but by the fiftieth listen in one day, you start to get a little desensitized to it all.)

  • Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness

    26. Nov. 2007, 1:53

    I'm still working on a new AMUC album. My plans are ultimately to release it for free on Jamendo, as well as making the tracks freely available here.

    This is a far cry different from the album I did for the RPM Challenge. That one was done in a month, but I am not comfortable releasing in its entirety. Some of the tracks just feel unfinished or unrefined. I'm going to revisit this material at some point - just not yet.

    The album I'm currently working on is called Dead In The Water. I've been working on it for most of last year. The songs are largely complete - I have a little over fifty minutes worth of material.

    It will probably end up being an hour, when all is said and done. I usually do end up writing a song at the last second.

    When you start the mastering process, you HAVE to write a last minute song, or you'll go mad. There's only so much mastering a musician can stand. It's definitely the least fun part of the process - adding drum fills, fixing transitions, tweaking levels, re-recording vocals [and then re-re-recording them, when you realize they still suck.]

    I listen to what I have now, and realize that electronica is NOT supposed to sound like this. It sounds like I've concocted some unnatural hybrid of everything. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.
  • Universal Hall Pass / Mercury

    22. Jul. 2007, 17:51

    I just got a copy of Mercury by Universal Hall Pass. It's really good. She dabbles in many different genres, and it admittedly makes for a diverse album.

    One thought I have - I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Melissa Kaplan collaborate with Kevin Moore (OSI /Chroma Key). (They both have seem to have an affinity for heavily manipulated, electronicked-up percussion lines.)
  • Brilliant idea!!

    8. Jul. 2007, 18:13

    Some musician, PLEASE - write a song called "CBS SUCKS".

    Then, we should scrobble that song to the very top of the Last FM charts. =)

    Considering who owns Last FM now, tell me that wouldn't be a fitting message.