• Elland Road - 24/05/08

    26. Mai. 2008, 19:17

    Sat 24 May – Kaiser Chiefs, Kate Nash, The Enemy, Friendly Fires

    Erm.. WOW..

    I arrived at the stadium at 9:30 to be one of the first in the que, and i ended up being one of the first to get the pink wristbands Then when we were let in i decided to go under a thing and i hit my head and back so that lost me time, I really hope people didnt photograph that As someone said I started up at the front centre and ended up to the right of Simon about 15 people in between me and my friend Its The Enemy's fault.

    Friendly Fires were really good, the lead singer has enthusiasm to the songs with is crazy dancing Would love to see them again, but the crowd didnt move much around me except me and my friend.

    The Young Knives - Pretty good. They're set was good. About half way through one of the people I was stood next to went OMG ITS WHITEY and he was sat in the stands alone with a Beanie on. Then we spotted Nick, then Mark Ronson, then Simon and Peanut at the otherside of the stage, then Peanut walked around and Ricky joined Ronson and Peanut (I waved at Ronson and he smiled back )

    After Young Knives it was Kate Nash. This girl you either love or hate. We had these 4 guys behind us saying they love her then aother people throwing sweets into her cup of tea () and sticking they're middle finger up at her. She was good, but not as good as I thought she would of been At this point I spotted Simon with Ryan Jarman.

    The Enemy. Urgh. Iw as looking forward to this band, as some of their music is good. They were a good band live but oh my gosh. I've never been so squashed in my life. I was so near to asking the steward to take me out. I just got pushed over and over and over and ended up down the barrier hanging on I got a beer, sweets, and Male bodies on my head All the people around and (and Stewards) were happy when they finished.

    Chris Moyles came on and introduced Mark Ronson I was on the wrong side of the stage so I could really see him His DJ set was pretty good.

    Moyles came on again and introduced Kaiser's. Very long intro I was filming it and I think it was abour 4-5minutes long. They came on singing EIAN. Everyone jumping and singing around me. Ricky jumped on the barrier and someone gave him a Leeds Home Scarf and it fell off before he got back to the stage. Next was EDILYLAL. HDD is one amazing song live I love it so much. BTBAD had people doing the Oh's especially. Sounded good from where I stood. The new song sounded very very Parva-ish (If you didnt know Parva was like he band name before Kaiser Chiefs and they were more heavy then) Was really good!. Can't wait to here it again. Ruby everyone was crazy I had a few guys elbowing me in the back Ricky then said; "We're not the only band from Yorkshire you know""Let's hear it for Ryan from The Cribs" then this started off a Chant with Wakefield!Wakefield!Wakefield! Ryan seemed to like it though. They sang Modern Way together, one of my favourite songs Then Ryan left. Then was Never Miss A Beat, Retirement and NaNaNaNaNaa. This was when Ricky introduced Mark Ronson to the stage to help him out and Ricky got the Leeds United scarf and wrapped it around his neck while Ronson was saying how they're the best band. Ronson ended up playing the tambourine to You Want History. Ricky climbed the lighting thing next to me during IPAR then soon dissappeared off the side of the stage and cmae back the other side looking for a wireless mic but got given one at the side he went off, soon dissppeared into the crowd and ended up at the sound desk for Take My Tempterature. Then ended the first part of the set with The Angry Mob.

    Soon came back on stage and Nick got given his acoustic guitar which only meant one thing, LNAC(BIW) This song makes me want to cry when I hear its live its beautiful Ricky deleived a new song Half The Truth I think its called which was really good, cant wait to hear this again either. The end was near as Ricky said Thanks and went into Thank You Very Much. At this point I was fighting against a girl because she was trying to push into the barrier so she did a "dance" to get in but the Mr Nice Steward gave her a warning, but her boyfriend tried to do something to me, he like dug 3 fingers into my shoulder so I slapped him Finally it was OMG. Everywas was really excited and it had everyone joining in with the final OMG's at the end Ricky likes doing over and over again. Thn it was the end. Simon exited the stage but Ricky told him to come back and they hugged and said goodbye.

    I asked the stewards if they got setlists but no one had one at all.

    Another thing - I dont know when it was but someone threw a tennis ball at from my angle seemed like his male anatomy and he said something like "Right you littler fucker" and ran off the stage into the crowd and just laughed it off while he was getting mobbed by fangirls

    All in all it was an amazing gig.

    Sorry for the standard of this review... 6 hours sleep, 4 hours walking around Leeds and 5 hour train journey home does my no good.
  • Kaiser Chiefs 26/11/07 Review

    28. Nov. 2007, 21:53

    Mon 26 Nov – Kaiser Chiefs

    I was worried during the day because one of my friends who was meant to be coming felt really ill, so she decided not to come. I got to the arena at about 5 and me and my friend ran around, we then got told to all join one que, but the que wasnt that long so all standing people were in this one que. Got the wrist band and ran past every security guard must have got told off about 6 times We stood next to the young steward on the right side. I want to thank this Steward for keeping us all in high spirits and kept bringing water (Which the cup ended on his head in the end)

    So The Little Ones came on... Hmm I wasnt tha keen on them that much but we're still good. Then WAS came on and were really good and got the crowd going.

    Kaiser Chiefs came on and everyone around me was just pushing in to me but I didnt care that much. Then EIAN came on and I had this guy behind me just start to go against my body and jump up and down as much as he could People started to boo when the lights got turned off after a few notes of EDLYLAL while Ricky climbed the thing a meter away from me. He jumped off that and knocked over Simons beer and shouted shit while singing. Started signing and again people went crazy and I think it was this moment when he ran past and I put my hand out and he grabbed it. I did the Kaiser sign to Simon and he did it back and laughed. HDD I screamed so loud one of my favourites. BTBAD Ricky got most people doing the Oh Oh's. Ruby everyone went really loud in. NMAB.. amazing I knew the words and was the only one around me so I just shouted them, got a few weird looks, but also a smile off Simon. ICDIWY people around me were joining in loads again. MW was sweet when they dedicated it to Peanut I tried to start of a chant saying Peanut but didnt work.. but Ricky did it after and got more than me Again another favourite of mine. Saturday night was amazing, Highroyds, loved it. Retirement just wow NaNaNaNaNaa everyone joined in again. Ricky then introduced another new song but I knew the words so I just shouted them again, and also got Simon laughing. IPAR was amazing with most people joining in again. TMT I didnt want to turn around so I just faced the stage and I loved it. Ricky then said we were beautiful Ricky ran back past us again and clibled up the thing TAM lways loved that song and love it even more again. They went off and the kids next to me just shouted "RICKY MARRY ME"

    They came back on and did LNAC(BIW)Amazing live. TYVM had quite a lot of people joining in again. Then OMG the atmosphere then jsut blew everyone went crazy.

    It went really quickly. I asked the Steward if I could have the setlist but he gave it to my brothers girlfriend which then gave it to me We didnt wait after the show because my friend was really tired.

    I'd love to go see them again.