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Say AnythingWoe 29. Dez. 2008
LudoLove Me Dead Lieblingslied 29. Dez. 2008
The AuditionShady Business 19. Jul. 2008
The Spill CanvasLow Fidelity 19. Jul. 2008
The Spill CanvasSaved 17. Jul. 2008
All Time LowShameless 17. Jul. 2008
Mayday ParadeBlack Cat 17. Jul. 2008
Saves The DayAs Your Ghost Takes Flight 13. Jun. 2008
Mayday ParadeWhen I Get Home, You're So Dead 10. Jun. 2008
Fall Out BoyMoving Pictures 6. Jun. 2008
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Über mich

im brittany.
theres not that much about me you should know.
im 15, i live in massachusetts, i have a lot of friends.
music is my life.
i play guitar and im learning keyboard.
im obsessed with japanese culture and style, im a small part japanese actually.
people say im gorgeous but i dont think i am.
i love psychology and getting inside peoples heads.
im a shy person in a really outgoing way.
i hate everything about myself and im ok with that.
im completely unique and i can guarantee that you will never meet anyone like me.

-intense solos on guitar hero
-warm days
-being with friends
-naming completely random nonliving objects
-music that makes you feel something
-cover songs

-people who cant spell simple words correctly
-people who make fun of other people to make themselves feel better
-animal abuse
-people at subway who dont know how to make a freaking sandwich
-anyone who TyPeS LyK ThIs
-people who use the letter u instead of saying you. is it really that hard to type two extra letters?
-people who use commas in the wrong place
-any form of quotation maks