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"Do you still remember when we were little and we were playing in the park, and you asked me what happens when we die?

I said you forget everything, everything. "Even you?" Yes, even me.

You do not want to die, never forget. The remains of what we used to have were taken away with the softest squeeze.

How did I forget? How?"

[...] "... and every life that you have taken..."
Slammed it's head against the brick.

It's blood poured out onto the pavement,
I stirred it in with dirt and spit,
"I will take a part of you."
I made mortar from the mix.

Tore every organ from it's body,
Broke it's bone and fashioned bricks,
I laid the mortar in between,
I made a throne for hope to sit.

"Too long you've torn us into pieces,
Firmly held onto our wrists. Today I bury you in me."
I swallowed every inch of it. [...]

from 'The Last Lost Continent' by La Dispute

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