Scream For Me Brixton!!!


3. Jul. 2007, 20:59

Yes, with a title like that it can only mean one thing - Heavy Metal GOD's Iron Maiden have returned once again to regain their ownership of the Brixton Academy! And with that being my favourite band and favourite venue being combined, I was extremely excited, to say the least.

I got to the venue about three and a half hours early to secure my place at the barrier, and as I was walking up Stockwell Road my face lit up at seeing Iron Maiden up above the Academy's door in the big red letters. By doors open time at 6:30 Brixton was a sea of black t-shirts with Eddie on. As soon as I got in it was a dash to the front and a brief wait before first support act and "India's Heaviest Band" Parikrama took to the stage to provide us with 4 helpings of their unique brand of Eastern-tinged hard rock. Not long after they had left the stage had Lauren Harris come pouncing on. Having missed her support set back at Earl's Court in December I was still yet to hear any of Lauren's stuff, but had been previously informed that it was really not much. However I was quite pleasantly surprised as I found her brief set enjoyable. But after she had left was when everything really got exciting, as when that black sheet fell down and the lights dimmed the sold out crowd went more than just a bit wild...

Nicko popping up behind the drums first, followed by an army of four long haired blokes weilding guitars there were 5,000 devil-horns raised in the air as they broke into recent album opener and former number 3 single, Different World, Bruce running on stage to his devotees screaming. After the opener Maiden then proceed to play tracks 2 and 3 from last year's A Matter of Life and Death, striking a few fears in the crowd that they may be repeating last year's 'playing of the whole album from start to finish' in their set-list (not mine though, I already looked up their Download set-list). But these fears were quashed as Bruce reminds the crowd what the show was in honor of (MS suffering old Maiden drummer Clive Burr) and launches into old Burr-featuring track, Wrathchild. This was followed by personal, and judging from the reactions around me, all round favourite, The Trooper, in which Dickinson sports the now infamous red army jacket with tattered Union Jack. The band continued in monitor-leaping, twiddly-guitar-soloing fashion up until their ninth song of the night - introduced by the all too familiar reading of Revelations 13:18, The Number of the Beast sounded fantastically heavier than normal and was accompanied by a massive effigy of Lucifer, rising out behind the drum-kit in a cloud of red smoke. This was followed by live anthem Fear of the Dark with, as always, the crowd helping out with the "whoa-wo-wo-wo-woah-woah-wo-wo-wo"'s and Bruce climbing up onto the spotlights mounted at either side of the stage and lighting up the crowd. But the spotlights and Satan aren't the only stage props Maiden have up their sleeves as during self-titled Iron Maiden the stage morphs into a giant tank with Eddie behind the helm. After informing us that "Iron Maiden's gonna get ALL of you!!!" the band retire for a wee break, but re-appear shortly with a can of Fosters so that Bruce could toast us, their recent summer tour and Clive Burr once more. The boys then broke into a three song encore - each song a classic, and at one point were joined on-stage by a 15ft robotic Eddie who then proceeded to "shoot up" the band and got a bit tangled up with Janick. As finisher Hallowed Be Thy Name came to a close Clive Burr himself was wheeled out in his 'chair and we were all told that we will be seeing no more of the Maiden for at least a year. Which is sad news, but with a show so good, they certainly bowed out good enough! Maybe they weren't just pulling out a cliché lie when they said that this show was their best one of the whole tour...

Maiden played:
*Different World
*These Colours Don't Run
*Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
*The Trooper
*Children of the Damned
*The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
*For the Greater Good of God
*The Number of the Beast
*Fear of the Dark
*Run to the Hills
*Iron Maiden
*2 Minutes to Midnight
*The Evil That Men Do
*Hallowed Be Thy Name

Great set-list, they just need to do 'The Wicker Man' next time!

'Till my Live Earth review...
L x


  • grooveshoeshine

    Ah sounds amaze! =D xxx

    3. Jul. 2007, 21:41
  • EtherBoy

    Rather exellent stuff. I'm rather happy about the respect given to Clive Burr. some fucking ace tracks there.

    3. Jul. 2007, 21:47
  • Black_Wolf_1991

    I was at this gig! It was an awesome night and the venue was awesome too. I wish I'd been able to get down there as early as you, I'd love to have been on the barrier but i was still on a train down from the Midlands when you got there :D It must have been one hell of an experience for Clive, coming out in front of all those fans that were there for a band he helped in starting and that everyone was cheering for about 5 minutes straight without needing any encouragement at was amazing I got some videos from the gig, i got the intro and Different world and then Fear of the Dark...I'll try and get them up on youtube ASAP but I've mislayed the cable for my phone.

    6. Jul. 2007, 9:44
  • Razaak666

    I was there. Best song was 2 Minutes to Midnight i would say

    23. Aug. 2007, 16:25
  • Razaak666

    I still think they should have taken out TROBB and BTATS. I would have loved to hear Brave New World and Wasted Years

    23. Aug. 2007, 16:27
  • Razaak666

    I so hope that on one gig rather than play the most well known song off an album, they will play the second instead and rather than 3 songs off NOTB they do 3 tracks off SIT. So classics more like this (Phantom of the Opera, Killers, Flight of Icarus, Aces High, Wasted Years, Heaven Can Wait, Stranger in a Strange Land, Can I Play with Madness, Brave New World). I'd love it if they put those as the classics on one tour

    15. Sep. 2007, 12:01
  • stab_wounds

    Parikrama is not India's Heaviest Band :D But they play well and hav an amazing stage presence!!

    26. Nov. 2007, 4:13
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