4/26 Band Camp 2007


27. Apr. 2007, 22:18

Thu 26 Apr – Band Camp 2007

Ok well, I went last night. It was pretty good. I hadnt been to the venue before but its pretty good. Better than Bank Atlantic at least. Anyways, the review:

Ok, so me and my girlfriend, Britney, got there around 5. We stood in line until we were let in. We ended up about 3 people back for the opening band, Kinlin. They were actually pretty decent for a band Ive never heard of and their singer did some mean soloing. They were abit faster than alot of the stuff I listen to but, I digress...

Next up was Puddle of Mudd. We watched them from the sorta right side because we had left to get water and stuff after Kinlin. They were pretty good. I honestly didnt know alot of their stuff but it turns out I knew more than I thought I did. She Hates Me was pretty sweet live. I like their bassist. I dont know his name but Im definitely going to look into more of their stuff.

To my surprise the next band was Chevelle. I thought they were going to be last for sure. I love Chevelle. Theyre one of my favorite bands. I own every album and know every song. I got the setlist:

Family System
Vitamin R
Well Enough Alone
Get Some
Send the Pain Below
The Clincher

It was an ok set. They didnt play alot of my favorite songs but they did only play 8 songs. I wish I couldve seen Comfortable Liar or Grab Thy Hand from Wonder What's Next. They played my favorite songs on This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) except for Breach Birth. I wish there was more from the new album because Brainiac is probably in the latter half of my favorite songs on Vena Sera. Saferwaters, Antisaint or Paint the Seconds wouldve been nice.

Three Days Grace was 4th. I didnt expect them to be as good as Chevelle, but they werent even as good as I had originally thought they would be. Their guitarist is lame. Hes sloppy and doesnt play the old songs right. It looked like he was trying to use Star Power or something. The singer is bad too. They really werent that great though the songs on the new album were decent (eventhough I like the 1st album way better. Riot is REALLY good live. I lol'd at the security guards faces when the lyrics started. I dont remember their set list.

Buckcherry was last. I honestly dont know much about them. Id only heard Crazy Bitch before the show and I wasnt too interested in them. Not my style. The sound was LOUD when they came on. Maybe its because I was tired by then though. I hadnt slept well the night before. Regardless they played something like 4 songs I didnt know before me and my girlfriend went home. We also stopped to buy shirts on the way out and they had *NO* Chevelle shirts. I hadnt realized that Buckcherry is so big now. Oh well, they still arent my thing.

Overall Id say the concert was pretty good. Not the best Ive been too, but probably better than at least one of the concerts I went to. I just wished that the bands I came to see couldve played more than 8 songs.


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