[132] Van Morrison - Astral weeks (1968)


27. Mai. 2009, 11:23

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

This is happiness. The kind of tears-in-your-eyes-beauty happiness.
- riding your bicycle on a sunny day (with a light summer breeze)
- the euphoric feeling when you're running in a rain storm (occuring suddenly after you have been swearing all awful things you can think of to the sky)
- watching cats play on the roof of the building opposite to you
- passing a parent who is just giving his child an answer to a question that was probably not so obvious (like "Yes, but birds have mommies and daddies too")
- the silence of an empty street
- reading a book on holiday, on a terrace with the sound of your brothers playing Yahtzee in the background
- an unexpected compliment
- discovering that last hazelnut in a nut mix
- the sight of a new born baby elephant
- Jim Carrey saying "Okay" at the end of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
- finding something in a place where you had put it to find it back easily... but of course you forgot
- a crowd of balloons in the sky
- watching your boyfriend's eyes when he's watching television
- overhearing a funny conversation on the train in the local dialect
- taking a hot bath when it's snowing outside
- a beautiful sky filled with clouds.

This music is all that.

(Watikbedoeldus: Astral Weeks, Sweet Thing, The Way Young Lovers Do)


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