[8] Buddy Holly & The Crickets – The “Chirping” Crickets (1957)


26. Mai. 2008, 19:15

Buddy Holly & The CricketsThe Chirping Crickets

Oh boy! Forget about Elvis Presley: here is Buddy Holly. And yes, it only takes 4 seconds to be completely blown away by his music. Although Buddy Holly & The Crickets look like a bunch of nerds (the cover art is absolutely hilarious), they make music that lasts for ages.

The beautiful voice of Buddy Holly, the background singing of the Crickets, the rhythm that keeps you dancing and the unforgettable tunes that stay in your head: this is an album I would gladly recommend to everyone I know. This turns out to be the first album in this list that is actually addictive: some ‘Oh Boy!’ can really help you awake in the morning ;)

So, is there much more to say? No, every song is good or perfect. The best song? In my humble opinion, that would be That'll Be the Day. Buddy Holly got the line from the movie “The Searchers” starring John Wayne, a movie my brother and I watched a couple of weeks ago in our ‘Watch all imdb top 250 movies’ project (and where I found the inspiration for my ‘Listen to all 1001 best albums’ project). Coincidence? The song has a remarkably modern rhythm, with drums that sometimes stop, and at one time are used to emphasize the words (It’s more obvious what I mean when you listen to the song :) )

They say Buddy Holly has been a great influence to a lot of artists. That comes as no surprise. And now… time to rock’n’roll!

(Whoooaw: Oh Boy!, You've Got Love, That'll Be the Day, I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love, en de rest)


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