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VaakevandringOg Sorgen Stilnet I Smertens Vann Lieblingslied 2. Mai., 10:32
VaakevandringSome Day Lieblingslied 2. Mai., 10:28
VaakevandringFader Vaar Lieblingslied 2. Mai., 10:21
Illuminandi. . . so We . . . (Live) 7. Apr., 23:34
IlluminandiGet On! (Zacchaeus) (Live) 7. Apr., 23:30
IlluminandiHallelujah (Live) 7. Apr., 23:25
Holy BloodBlood of Christ Lieblingslied 5. Apr., 20:56
VaakevandringSome Day Lieblingslied 4. Apr., 22:54
VaakevandringSome Day Lieblingslied 4. Apr., 22:54
VaakevandringFader Vaar Lieblingslied 4. Apr., 22:47
AntestorBattlefield 4. Apr., 22:13
AntestorKongsblod 4. Apr., 22:07
AntestorKilden-Lik En Endelos Elv 4. Apr., 22:01
AntestorGamlelandet 4. Apr., 21:55
AntestorThe Return Lieblingslied 13. Mär., 7:12
MetallicaOf Wolf and Man 13. Mär., 7:04
VaakevandringLidelse Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2014
John DenverRocky Mountain High 15. Apr. 2014
Angel 7TV Antichrist Lieblingslied 14. Apr. 2014
DrottnarSlave 14. Apr. 2014
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Über mich

How short is life? About 27,000 days!

The average life span of a human is 75 years old, that is 27,375 days. If you think you will live to a 100, that is still only 36,500 days. Here is the math: (years x 365 days) so 75x 365=27,375. This life "is" short.

How fast are we going? You can't feel it but the earth is spinning 1675 km/hr (1040 miles/hr). This varies slightly with your latitude (north and south locations).

It is easy to be deceived by your own or the world's perceptions about time, about God and about yourself. We cannot judge God by His people, by men's religion and by what people have done to you. Also. you cannot judge a religion by its hypocritical people

Please don't believe the lies of this world nor let (it/them) rob you of what you are born to be, a valued person with a gift and talents to share that no one else has. Just as there are no two oak trees alike, or snow flakes or rain drops, there is only one of you. Take yourself seriously because life is short. The greatest gift to the world is to be yourself. Many people realize at their death bed that they were trying to be someone else.

I believe that God has created life on earth using evolution as a tool. Nature and science confirms my belief in God. Animals instinctually know God. I feel we have to learn it. I like this saying, "a little science takes one away from God yet a lot of science brings one closer to God." I notice that if someone takes only one science class they doubt God but if someone takes many science classes, they may realize the perplexity of life on earth and believe that there must be a God.

I support Christian metal especially Christian Black metal, life, and the environment.

Why Black Metal? Is screaming and making music Godly? "Praise him with clanging cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals!" Psalms 150:5

Why darkness in music? I know that God is present even in the darkness. He rules both the darkness and the light. As humans we spend a lot time in the darkness with sickness, nasty people and troubles but this is no vacation from God. He is with us. So while we sit on a pile of dung with nothing left like Job in the Bible, we have this Black metal that speaks of the pain but gives us hope and of course we have God. Justice will come, the light will come.

I have learned that God frees and gives peace, the enemy binds, deceives and causes unrest. Use this to make decisions.

I am glad my that my parents and that your parents did not believe in abortion.

I am not a vegetarian because we have more molars than canine teeth, so I eat more plants than meat. I consider myself an "organitarian" meaning that I prefer to eat cage-free animals, free range animals that are "organically" raised without hormones or chemicals. I advocate hunting and eat non-endangered wild animals. I would rather eat an animal that has lived a full life outdoors versus a caged one. The cause of Mad Cow Disease was cannibalism (giving cow meat scraps to cows)!

Caged animals are treated inhumanely, never see the light of day and are pumped with chemicals. Also, when an inhumanely-raised animal gets slaughtered, it produces of a stress hormone called cortisol. If we eat these animals, we get stressed out too. By eating organic, you are also free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The only exception is organic corn wind-pollinated by nearby GMO corn. Just as an example, some commerical tomatoes are crossed with spider genes and rice with human breast milk genes. Some vegetarians might not know this.

I also advocate occasional periodic veganism (no animal products) and fasting from food. It clears the mind and body of toxins from our environment and strengthens self control.

I advocate the use of glass rather than plastic; and re-use versus recycle. Plastics leech chemicals into our bodies and the environment.

I seek fortitude, temperance, wisdom, goodness and accept people for who they are but encourage them to accept and forgive themselves.

I have advice to those of you who struggle with anything: Be honest with God, don't lie and say I "want" to quit. . , instead, say I "don't want" to quit. ..but help me, and then He can help you. Apply this to whatever you struggle with, be it addictions, lack of faith, depression, self-abuse/pity. It works immediately. We are accepted by God no matter what we have done.

I am a drummer/guitarist, naturalist, student scientist and a struggling "imperfect" soul like everyone else (tracks to be released/date to be announced).

I choose and practice Roman Catholicism but respect others' religions or lack thereof. "Please" feel free to leave a private message and or add as a friend. Or you can help me add to my black metal list. Thank you for stopping by and for reading some of my thoughts. Also, if you interested, please join or just check out my group: "Christian Black Metal,"
LizzyVISION <\m/><

MASTER LIST OF BLACK METAL BANDS!!!!!!! All pure Black metal unless otherwise stated:

A Hill To Die Upon (Illinois, USA) (Black/Death)
Abdijah (Poland) (Raw Black)
Ad Gloriam (Tennessee, USA) (Raw Black)
Admonish (Sweden) (Melodic Black)
Agathothodion (Illinois, USA)
Almagor (Chile)
Angel 7 (Ukraine) (Black/Power)
Ancient Plague (United Kingdom; Puerto Rico) (Black/Ambient Dark)
Amorém (Denmark) (Blackened death/thrash)
Anerhoth (Columbia) (Black/Folk)
Antestor (Norway) (Melodic Black; Death:early albums)
Arch of Thorns (USA)
Aristaeus (Oklahoma, USA)(Black/Ambient)
Armageddon Holocaust (Indonesia) (Black/thrash)
Arvinger (Norway) (Black/Folk/Viking)
Azmaveth (Puerto Rico) (Black/Death)
Azbuk (Brazil)
Bealiah (Indonesia)
Bedeiah (Arizona, USA)
Beeroth (Mexico)
Bellor (Kentucky, USA)
Bleakwail (Florida, USA)
Bleedience (Norway) (Black/Death)
Blood Covenant (Armenia)
Bloodwork (United Kingdom)
Borgazur (Netherlands)
Cabalistic (North Carolina, USA)
Ceremonial Sacred (Brazil)
Corvidae (Mexico)
Covered by His Blood (Australia)
Crimson Moonlight (Sweden)
Cromleh (Romania)
Dark Endless (USA)
Dark Lay Still (California, USA) (Black/Death/core)
Dark Procession (Indiana, USA)
Day of Ascension (Connecticut, USA)
Déborah (Mexico)
Demoniciduth (Switzerland)
Destroyer of Lie (Ukraine) (Black/Death)
Devotam (Brazil)
Diamoth (Chile)
Dynamon Dark (Brazil)
Divine Symphony) (Brazil)
Dormant (Netherlands)
Drottnar (Norway) (Black/Bunker/Avant Garde)
Dusk (Italy)
Dying Blaze (Ukraine)
Ecthirion (Finland) (Black/Death/Orchestral)
Élan (Connecticut, USA)
Elgibbor (Poland) (Raw Black)
Enshrouding (Canada)
Erasmus (Tennessee, USA)
Eulogium (Texas, USA)
Evroklidon (Ukraine)
Exaudi (Germany) (Black/Gothic)
Exegesis (Columbia)
Exultet (Italy) (Black/Folk)
Far Beyond (Germany) (Black/Melodic/Gothic)
Fearscape (Austrailia) (Black/Progressive)
Fire Throne (Poland) (Raw Black)
Flaskavsae (Illinois, USA)
From Ashes (Finland)
Frost Like Ashes (Wisconsin, USA) (Black/Death)
Frosthardr (Norway)
Gaoth Anair (Netherlands) (no plays)
Geistkrieg (California, USA) (Black/Death)
Glaciial (Illinois, USA)
Glamdring (South Carolina, USA)
Golgota (Equador)
Golgotha (Iowa, USA)
Grave Declaration (Norway) (Black/Death)
Grave of Pride (Ukraine) (Black/Death) (no plays)
Hawthorn (Brazil)
Heztael Tyrot (Oklahoma, USA) (Black/Ambient)
Holy Blood (Ukraine)(Black/Folk)
Horde (Austrailia)
Horrific Majesty (Alabama, USA) (no plays)
Hortor (Mexico)
Immortal Souls (Finland)
Ira Divina(Brazil)
Kibroth Hattaavah (California, USA)
La Chambre Ardente (France)
Last Battle (Ukraine) (Black/Death)
Lengsel (Norway)
Light Shall Prevail (Illinois, USA)
Lo-Ruhamah (Missouri, USA) (Black/Death later album)
Keber (Paraguay) (no plays)
Kekal (Indonesia) (Black:earlier albums "only")
Malak (Germany)
Margorium (Brazil)
Martiis Nocturnem (California, USA)
Mefiboseth (Honduras)
Mordecai (Finland)
Milhamah (unknown) (no plays)
Morgenroede (Norway) (Black/Death)
My Darkest Time (Macedonia) (Black/Death/Dark Ambient)
Nazareo (Equador)
Nocturnal Faith (Panama)
Nordic Wolves (Peru)
Occult Mourn (Brazil)
Offerblod (Sweden)
Opus Majestic (USA) (Black: 1st 3 albums only)/Industrial/Ambient)
Parakletos (Finland)
Phanerosis (Equador)
Pilgrimage (SVK) (Slovakia)
Poems of Shadows (Brazil)
Rising Hour (Texas, USA) (no plays)
Sanctifica (Sweden) (Black/Death/Avant Garde)
Seregost (Nevada, USA)
Serenade in Darkness (Brazil)
Shadows of Paragon (Sweden) (Black/Death)
Slechtvalk (Netherlands) (Black/Viking/Death)
Sorrowstorm (Panama, Republic of Panama; Washington, USA) (Raw Black)
Soterion (Brazil)
Stronghold (Norway)
Suspiria Profundis (Italy) (no plays)
Swine Suicide (Tennessee, USA & the United Kingdom)
Sylvan Fortress (California, USA)
The Synics Awakening (Pennsylvania, USA)
Synnove (Austrailia) (later album Black/Death)
Thusiasterion (Argentina)
Trastorno (Venezula)
Usynlig Tumult (Ukraine)
Vaakevandring (Norway) (Melodic)
Vaande (Norway)
Vardøger (Norway)
Veil torn (Brazil) (Black/Death/Thrash)
Verwustung (Russia)
Vinterfjørden (Virginia/Maryland, USA)
Vociferor (USA)
Warfrozen (USA)
Willow Mount (Tennessee, USA)
Winter's Dawn (United Kingdom)
Winterkou (Netherlands) (Doomed Black)
Wintersoul (Wisconsin, USA)
Worshiper (Brazil)
Wrathful Plague(Illinois, USA)

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