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Über mich

A recent college grad with a BA in Film and Video. My dream job would to be a Creative Director over my own Video and Film production company.

I've been to China in the Summer of 2007. It's a life changing experience and I hope to return someday. I want to go to Korea and Japan.

I'm currently trying to learn Chinese, Japanese and American Sign Language. Ultimately I would like to learn Italian and Korean as well. I have a lot to do if I want to master those languages.

I'm interested in Parkour, BMX biking and Snowboarding. I've never tried any of it, but I'm determined to change that.

I've been an avid video gamer since I can remember. My first system was an Atari and my latest is a PS2. As a result for my love of video gaming, I was inspired to create my own. I look up to Amy Henning, creator of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver series and Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Solid.