• Living in Your Head

    4. Mär. 2012, 6:40

    Reality.Where real people act fake and things should make sense yet there never seems to be a reason for anything. Where people tend to resort to wearing a mask to make themselves stand out while at the same time using it to keep themselves hidden. The concealer. The eyeliner. It's all just rouse. Hiding the blemishes on the outside to hide the mistakes on the inside. When you think about it, few people know the real you. Theres people that can pick you out in a crowded room, maybe even tell a funny story or two to some friends of theirs. But everyone has secrets. Those deep dark ones that can never come out because the backlash would be too much to take. So you cover up. You keep your mouth shut and you cover up. You become fake. You're real but you're fake.