Late night of dream loss via work...


23. Feb. 2007, 8:55

I read my entry from over a year ago and find it is surprisingly unchanged... I think that I am getting more shit bombs lobbed my way than a year ago. I guess things are getting better for the shit lobbers... At least someone is getting somewhere. Regrettably my endeavors in working towards a career have left me jaded and sleepless.

The site has changed and I put a retarded pic of myself as my profile picture. needs to prevent that from happening... I make a much better mongoloid than it would appear.

I've become a huge Cursive and The Good Life fan in the past year. I found Dutch musicians like Mew and more recently Nephew and rediscovered my love for metal bands like Dog Fashion Disco and Sikth.

I've been playing a piss load of guitar and going to refurbish my old drum kit soon and start working up a new band with a female vocalist and a fantastic guitar player that just returned from Iraq a coupla months ago. I'm confident that with our diverse backgrounds and idea(l)s we can create some good songs... Time will tell.

Until next year(Unless google swipes up),

Fuck my blog entries.


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