Smashed it!


1. Nov. 2011, 9:21

Mon 31 Oct – Tinie Tempah, J. Cole

Don't particualrly listen to J. Cole, but I will do from now on. He was very good, got the crowd going, and tested the noise levels! A superb opening act.

Tinie Tempah was amazing, all of his songs are immense, I have much love for this man. He will continue to climb my charts.

I was standing close to the stage on the artists right. And could feel every emotion, every lyric and every movement.

There was only one thing 'bad' to say, Does J. Cole have a problem with his crotch? He kept checking if it was still there every two seconds! Haha, not really a bad thing but a funny occurance.

Well done to both. Will deffo watch them both again! <3


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