Iron Maiden: All Filler (except for Killers)


18. Okt. 2008, 12:35

When people say they love Iron Maiden, I don't believe them. Have you ever actually tried listening to Powerslave or Piece of Mind? It's like eating an overcooked, flavourless steak. It'll fill you up but leave you completely unsatisfied all at once.

I remember when I was first exposing myself to Heavy Metal music when i was around 14. Iron Maiden really caught my fancy, mainly because their album covers were AMAZING. Piece of Mind was the first one I heard. I think I kind of told myself that I liked it. I really wanted to. Eddie was so fucking cool. Maybe I really did. Who knows? I tried listening to it the other day. There were a couple of good songs surrounded by some of the worst SHIT I'd ever heard in my life. Seriously, check out Quest for Fire and Die With Your Boots On and tell me I'm wrong. They were and probably still are the absolute kings of filler, averaging about 2 or 3 memorable songs per album. Seriously. What, you think The Duellists is a live favourite or something?

All that said, I find it insane that their first 2 albums (featuring a different vocalist than Bruce Dickinson) are both incredible from start to finish. Not the Iron Maiden you think you know and claim you love (even though you don't).

I guess Number of the Beast has a few moments as well.


  • MinaseTaki

    Of course, saying that some album will "fill you up but leave you completely unsatisfied all at once" is subjective. I listen to those albums a lot and don't feel like that at all. I agree that Quest For Fire is not a very good song, but I love Die With Your Boots On. Again, it's subjective. If you don't like Iron Maiden that's fine, but all filler? Maybe you should give another listen to other albums, like 7th Son Of A 7th Son or Brave New World. If you still think that they're fillers, that's alright. Everyone has their own opinion.

    18. Okt. 2008, 13:06
  • iKvlt

    You do realize that Martin Birch, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Clive Burr, Bruce Dickinson, and even Paul Di'anno said that their favorites were the Bruce era albums? Killers and the s/t are AWESOME albums and completely essential but seriously get the fuck off of your high horse. If the people who made the albums - producer, band members, etc all believe the albums you're saying are shit are in fact their magnum opus(s) - that has got to tell you something. Steve Harris didn't lose his ability to write songs after the band got a new vocalist - that's bullshit. Well pretty much the entire journal is. You do realize someone could write the very same thing about ANY of the bands or artists you like? Taste is subjective. I can hardly believe I'm actually explaining this to someone who is literally twice my age.

    18. Okt. 2008, 16:22
  • Le1gh

    I can hardly believe it myself. I should also add that the opinions contained in the journal entry in question are not opinions at all. They are proven facts.

    18. Okt. 2008, 20:50
  • iKvlt

    You can state opinions without writing them like they're facts. Saying you dislike something and saying it's filler or shit are two very different things. The whole high horse thing and dismounting from it would be very effective at this point. What the hell is the purpose of this statement - "Not the Iron Maiden you think you know and claim you love (even though you don't)." ?

    19. Okt. 2008, 3:35
  • Le1gh

    Just stating the truth, son.

    19. Okt. 2008, 5:32
  • the_paranoidi

    Feed the troll. Go on, feed him. He won't bite you. Too much.

    19. Okt. 2008, 8:03
  • Le1gh

    I'll admit, my intentions might be slightly troll-like in nature. That being said, my original post was not intended to be wind-up. It couldn't be more sincere, actually. I stand by every single word.

    19. Okt. 2008, 17:06
  • Le1gh

    I notice you wrote "sit through" instead of something like "enjoy". My wife made me sit through that crappy Sweeny Todd movie when it came out.

    24. Okt. 2008, 15:48
  • iaiafhtagn

    When I first stumbled upon Maiden when Number of the Beast came out, I thought it was about the best thing my young ears had heard. I still think of it as a wondrous classic, but I don't know how much of that feeling is just due to decades of familiarity with it. Piece of Mind had potential and some good tracks, but certainly didn't live up to its promise. Powerslave's few good moments are few enough (and not good enough) that I could easily live without that album having been maid. After that, I never bothered to listen to any other Iron Maiden. Just Number of the Beast and the couple of best songs off of the two following albums. I only recently gave Killer and Iron Maiden a chance. And wow I must agree with Le1gh. Those first two albums are easily the best (Killers is one of the best albums ever by anyone) and I could agree with the title of this journal, except for that I will always need Number of the Beast.

    13. Feb. 2009, 16:43
  • Le1gh

    Finally! The first 2 albums each have this incredible fire to them that is completely indefinable. Something to do with the punk meets NWOBHM sound which Maiden themselves were in the process of molding at the time. It just worked and it worked well. Di'anno only added to the coolness with his gruff one minute and soaring the next vocals. Di'anno Maiden and Dickinson Maiden are basically 2 different bands, much the same way that Syd Barrett Pink Floyd and Post-Barrett Pink Floyd are 2 COMPLETELY different bands. I'll say it again though. Number of the Beast? Yeah, it's pretty great. I mean, Run to the Hills, The Prisoner, Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Children of the Damned - sure, why not? I always hated 22 Acacia Avenue though.

    14. Feb. 2009, 3:38
  • Kupuntu

    I'll have to listen those two albums, because I haven't heard them yet. My favourite album is Brave New World, because I don't kinda like Number Of The Beast. It's not bad, but it just isn't that good either.

    4. Apr. 2009, 18:10
  • BlackSabbath86

    I heartily endorse this journal. All the stuff post-Killers sounds the same anyway, lol.

    2. Mai. 2009, 2:31
  • tihsymtae

    I agree about Piece of MInd. There two or three great songs but the rest is fairly boring And Quest for Fire is indeed the worst song on their first 5 albums. But I don't feel that way about Powerslave and certainly not about Number of the Beast. Nor do I agree that the first two albums are their best. There're many great songs on those two albums, but they're are also some fairly boring, predictable and silly songs. "Iron Maiden" may be a concert staple of theirs, but I've never been able to enjoy it. and "Charlotte the Harlot" is just dumb. The second album was more consistent that the first, but it only had one standout track in my opinion: "Wrathchild." The rest are decent. Very energetic, but it felt like Maiden was coasting creatively. Number of the Beast changed that.

    7. Mai. 2011, 18:32
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