adorable amazing and hold the earth in place are perfect awesome awesome album basically my life beautiful better than sex bringing back good memories called it cannot even describe how this song makes me feel clearly my favorite song by them cool cool vocals dammit bowie did i say awesome drugs dude favorite favorite song in this album favorites ffs florence i want to marry you fuck fuck yeah fucking amazing fucking awesome fucking great fun funny great great lyrics great rhythm great voice headbang headbang worth hilarious hng this song wtf hot i am so in love with this song i fucking love this song i had to change my pants after this song i love them i love this motherfucking song i love this song so much i dont know what to do i love this song so much it hurts i love you florence i will build a statue for you flo i will build you a statue conor incredible song that you must listen intense lol love love this song makes me happy makes me wet masterpiece not cool conor omg this song one of my first by them orgasmic paul banks is perfection perfect perfect concept perfect song perfection please hand over that voice scary how appealing this is sexy so adorable soad songs that put me in a good mood songs to dance to songs to fall in love with songs to fuck to songs to have sex to songs to headbang to songs to impregnate your girlfriend to songs to make out to songs to touch yourself to te amo camila that baby shit is p bad tho this is how guitars are supposed to sound this is madness this is pretty great this is what i think heaven sounds like this song fixes me this song is way too much this song makes me wanna cry this song will be a classic some day this version is superior tbh too cool for skool unf why did you leave carlos why is my life this song why is this song so damn gorgeous why wasnt this on my favorites before worst timing for this song yeah