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16. Feb. 2010, 7:08

This week, hitch a ride with us to the somewhat darker side. Segue straight out of the Paradigm Shift with two looping extracts from Boyd Rice’s Black Album, then into the evening’s theme tune, taken from the flip of Coil’s Nasa-Arab 12”.

More creepiness from french Swiss goth ballerinas The Vyllies and an early single from one-time Krupps and proto-Propaganda member Ralf Dörper, but I couldn’t help injecting a few rays of pop sunshine with some I Start Counting and my new fave of the week, the Simon Bookish remix of “Keep The Dog Quiet” by Canadian composer and violinist Owen Pallett.

Think jazz, think post punk attitude!

Themes, please, or feedback or indecent proposals, at your leisure . . . to extendedplay@2ser.com .

# > Australian artist or release

Boyd Rice - Untitled 2
(“Boyd Rice” - 1981, Mute) (original 1977)

Boyd Rice - Untitled 3
(“Boyd Rice” - 1981, Mute) (original 1977)

Coil - First Dark Ride
(“Nasa-Arab” 12inch - 1994, Eskaton)

Colin Newman - Faq
(“Voice” 12inchEP - 1995, Swim)

I Start Counting - Still Smiling (Daniel Miller Mix)
(“Still Smiling” 12inchEP - 1991, Elektra) (original 1985)

Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag (Richard H Kirk #1 Rework)
(“Nag Nag Nag” 12inchEP - 2003, The Grey Area)

The Flying Lizards - Trouble
(“The Flying Lizards” - 1980, Virgin)

The Vyllies - Babylon
(“The Vyllies” 12inchEP - 1984, creep)

Ralf Dörper - Assault
(“Eraserhead” 12inchEP - 1983, Operation Twilight) (original 1980)

Crash Course in Science - Cardboard Lamb
(“Signals From Pier Thirteen” 12inchEP - 1981, PRESS)

Eardrum - City Collision (Freeform Remix)
(“Last Light Remixes Volume One” 12inchEP - 2000, Leaf)

Prod - Knife On Top
(“Pardon Me For Barging In Like This... (M Squared: Rare Recordings 1979-1983)” box set - 2009, Vinyl-On-Demand) (original 1982) #

Owen Pallett - Keep The Dog Quiet (Simon Bookish Remix)
(download - 2010, Domino)

UnknownmiX - Glitter
(“miX 3” - 1987, rec rec)

Nurse With Wound - Prelude To Alice The Goon
(“Alice The Goon” ltd single-sided LP - 1995, White Noise)

# > Australian artist or release


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