Demonique by Aim


9. Mär. 2006, 22:55

The dialogue clips, for those who are interested, come from John Carpenter's Halloween 2. In my opinion this track is far more unsettling (and believable!) than the film...


  • andylambert17

    thanks for that, its one of my fav tracks at the mo, and i've been dying to find out where the sample came from. I was thinking something like a version of Frankenstein!

    11. Mär. 2006, 19:27
  • andylambert17

    just wrote that comment without even realising that it was you who had posted the journal neil! Did you hear the track because it keeps getting played on that 4x4 advert on the container ship?

    11. Mär. 2006, 19:30
  • SebFDR

    andy... thats how i heard this track, thru that advert and iv been hooked ever since, im so glad i found this website.

    24. Apr. 2006, 20:11
  • andylambert17

    have you heard Cold Water Music by Aim, its not as good as Demonique, but its pretty good!

    25. Apr. 2006, 17:58
  • Lambo81

    It's a good album...definitely better than 'Hinterland' which is fairly uninspiring and lacks anything as memorable (or downright scary) as Demonique. His 'best of' singles album 'Means of Production' is also supposed to be good. It has Demonique on it too! N

    27. Apr. 2006, 9:19
  • andylambert17

    no i mean the track Cold Water Music, duh! ;p

    27. Apr. 2006, 14:29
  • nerd_biker

    I recently watched Halloween for the first time and I was listening out for the clips, some of which I recognised. So I think the ones used in the track are actually taken from two films: Halloween 1 & 2. I'll have to watch the second one to be sure.

    17. Jan. 2008, 15:06
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