Playing the least top artist of my charts... (part7 - The Nefilim)


22. Feb. 2010, 13:45

artist #7 is The Nefilim with 10 tracks scrobbled at position 190.

I couldn't remember that this one-album-project of Carl McCoy from Fields of the Nephilim was this good. I got to know it when I listened to his main band. and yeah, it's really good. that's the kind of gothic stuff I really like, so that Zoon deserves a second play.

so it reached 30 plays and chart position 161, together with Dreams Of Sanity, Kosheen and The 3rd And The Mortal.

next artist would be Patenbrigade: Wolff again, but I decided to not allow repetitions in this project. it would make this project sort of endless and in the end all artists would have about the same playcount (would be good for my AEP value, but that's not my intention...). so I'll skip them and turn to the next one in my charts: the Nils Landgren Funk Unit with 12 plays at position 188.


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