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CaribouCan't Do Without You Gestern um 21:40
Röyksopp & RobynMonument Gestern um 20:41
SpoonKnock Knock Knock Gestern um 20:32
SpoonDo You Gestern um 20:28
The StreetsBlinded by the Lights Lieblingslied Gestern um 19:36
of MontrealThe Past Is A Grotesque Animal Lieblingslied Gestern um 14:02
The StreetsTurn the Page Lieblingslied Gestern um 13:52
The SubwaysLines of Light Gestern um 13:13
The SubwaysYoung for Eternity Gestern um 13:10
The SubwaysMary Gestern um 13:07
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  • fadingecho

    Nice charts :)

    13. Jan., 4:15 Antworten
  • ProximityFuze

    The 'Suggestion Box' thread in TA(D)OotLFMPRT would like you to read the last couple of posts and comment. ;-)

    24. Apr. 2013 Antworten
  • jordyqwerty

    Ah that's cool! I believe Tame Impala, Nick Cave and Kendrick Lamar will also perform on the saturday of RW. I went to RW last year, it was amazing! This year I'll be going to Lowlands (in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands), Incubate (the day with Built To Spill or more days if the lineup turns out to be really good), Rock Herk (small cheap festival with decent names) and.. well that's it for now but I'm pretty sure I'll add some concerts or smaller festivals, money's a bitch ofcourse.

    14. Apr. 2013 Antworten
  • jordyqwerty

    Cool! I'm going to study in Antwerp, but I'm probably going to see Built To Spill on Incubate (a festival), located in Tilburg (alot closer to Brussel aswell), Built To Spill will play on the 22th of September which is a sunday, another great act on the same day is Shannon and the Clams (sounds like garage rock). It's 32 euro's if I'm right!

    13. Apr. 2013 Antworten
  • jordyqwerty

    Built to Spill are touring this year! Woo! I'm gonna see them in Amsterdam

    24. Mär. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Okay, I looked at the thread, and that's so sweet of you :) I am majorly blushing right now!

    12. Mär. 2013 Antworten
  • LaLoqueHumaine

    You should have a look at the "The Great Album Release Festival" thread ;)

    5. Mär. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Well yes of course I do use the metric system in physics, but I mean I don't actually know what any of the distances mean haha, I just plug in the numbers and such. I'm glad that's what physics uses because using feet and miles all of the time would get really tedious. I never bothered to memorize how many feet are in a mile haha. Hey, I've lived in America all of my life and these things are what I'm used to, so of course they'll be easier for me! It's all about what you are used to, and a lot of the things Europeans use confuse the hell out of me. I mean I could get used to them if I wanted, but ehh.. I'm lazy :) I google image searched boulangeries and they look adorable! I'd love to visit one.

    24. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • jordyqwerty

    the stone foxes sound a little bit like the black keys in my opinion, they recently released a new CD which is on spotify. another recommendation: Ataxia (featuring john frusciante), or his own stuff. The Will To Death by John Frusciante or Hands by Ataxia are great imo!

    24. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • jordyqwerty

    this library is superb, i thought you might like the stone foxes, my morning jacket and archers of loaf. i'm going to listen to your top 200 list soon, let's discover some new stuff!

    24. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Am/pm time is lots easier! I prefer Fahrenheit degrees too, and not including tax is nice, but most Europeans say we're crazy for not using the metric system! I don't really have an opinion on it though since I'm just not used the the metric system and it would be way too confusing to suddenly have to figure out how to use that as well. Okay well I suppose I have heard of a boulangerie, but none of my French classes have ever really focused on the culture, so I don't know a tonnnnn about stuff there, and so I don't know all of the basic things like that. It sounds like a place I'd like, I love bread and cakes and everything, and the stores that sell those things usually have a nice atmosphere to them. I'm assuming that's true for boulangeries? Hehe, well, accents are a magical thing!

    23. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Well they're actually for my sister's friends for a party or something, but they're these banana cookies that are really yummy! Well shucks, thanks, but I'm not as cute as a baby seal. I mean they're the epitome of cute. Haha yep, when I was wrestling with my puppy he decided to bite it off. But that's okay, it's unique! Hahaha well, my mom was like, "what are you doing??" and I told her snapchatting and she insisted on getting in the picture. So yeah. Oh well thanks again :) I don't exactly see the resemblance there, but I do appreciate the compliments! Haha I never considered it a sport, I just have a lot of energy and like to move around a lot.

    20. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Okay finally able to respond to this! As you can see I like to move around a lot, it's hard for me to sit still long enough to type much at all. Dirty French is very useful indeed! I've had a lot of fun with it. Well especially the 'Horny French' section, that's actually what I bought it for hahaha. I have lots more posters but I can't find them. It's actually freaking me out a lot. I don't mind phone calls if I enjoy talking to the person, but this friend isn't boring, she is really loud and really annoying! Hahaha I suppose they are sadistic. It's meant to be teasing, especially when more naughty pictures are sent! Well I wish there was more room to type, it doesn't let me ramble like I always do!

    20. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Hahaha I saw it! I sent you one too! You can add text, just tap the screen and it'll have space to write a short message. I fail at clever poses, like majorly. I'm awkward on a regular basis too :) I think it's so much more fun to be awkward than to just try and be normal.

    20. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Haha oh that's normal, all of the Apple products are so easy to get all mixed up. Ohh well I mean okay, I suppose I could see how those things could be bad. It just depends. But all that matters is that you are better now, so you can look back and laugh at your old self! Same for me too, I was a bit of a dork when I was a kid. Friendly is usually a good thing but yeah, if it's excessive it can be bad as well. Confidence is good but it's kind of cute when a guy is a little awkward at times. Not too much though. You're right, witty, nice and interesting are good qualities to have, and the older you get the more this is would be true I'm sure! Meaningful acts are good, trust me :) Oh well I just got your friend request on there, so it seems you've figured it out? Lets see if it works!

    20. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Oh yay! Well hopefully it does lead to more interviews, that would be very good :) Oh okay, well then why do you think that girls wouldn't want to date you? You'd be surprised at some of the quirks guys have that we find attractive. Oh well it wasn't the iPad I got, I wish! The iPod is fine for me though for now! But yes, I am seriously loving it. I've spent all day snapchatting. Not sexting haha! Just sending pictures of funny faces. If you want we can do that! (same username as on here if you really want to see more of me) I'm still saving for the iPad mini of course but that can wait until I've got a job. I'm no good at remaining stoic haha, my excitement will always show no matter how hard I try to hide it. It's not always a big deal if a guy doesn't openly show lots of emotions as long as there's another way he can show me he's happy. If I don't get any really happy looks I might start feeling a little underappreciated after a while. Simple smiles are always wonderful though.

    20. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Haha well, maybe snapchat just isn't as big over there! All I know is that a lot of people in America use it. Weeell then I have some very good news for you! One of my dad's friend's sons has the exact iPod I'm looking for and is selling it to me tonight for $150 (for an almost new 32 GB one, with cameras of course! I'm so happy!), so I officially am able to snapchat and Skype and facetime and everything :) well once I get it in a couple of hours. Oh, well, I'm flattered that you think I'm a cool girl, but I do not date based on how popular someone is, I date based on how much I enjoy my time with someone! And of course being attracted to them is a plus, but not always necessary. And I'm sure, I've always been much more attracted to older guys.They're always so much more mature which I like. When I was a teenager, like 15, I would like 20-22 year olds haha. It never worked of course. Yes, it's a wonderful museum! And no I was not murdered last night! I don't remember my dream actually.

    20. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Hehe well it's good to know that just the idea of them is teasing. Now once I get this iPod I can snapchat and then I could send them and you could only see them once.. have you used that app? Like you can't save the pictures or videos and no screenshots. It's basically a sexting app. And of course I'd accept, why wouldn't I? Oh I'm horrible at ice skating so that's a big no no, and movies are okay but yeah no talking! I know walks can be nice even when it's chilly and yes, there are plenty of museums here! A really really cool one downtown, the Contemporary Arts Center, that's always lots of fun to explore. Plus it's downtown! Hmm, well special times can vary. You really just know them when they happen. A birthday does count as one I think! I know what you mean, even the nicest people can want to do something mean like that when they're hurt. Heartbreaks can be hard! Good night :) hopefully I have nice dreams tonight not involving me getting murdered! Nudity is okay though.

    19. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Well making people comfortable isn't usually something you can try too hard at doing, it is really just based on your personality. Either you do or you don't! Otherwise if you try it can just seem fake. Well I'm glad to know that you like me :) it's too bad cause if you did do that you know I'd accept! But oh well. Haha well the videos are teases with maybe a bit of certain things showing at some points. Nothing too bad but very enjoyable to watch I've been told. But yeah, I definitely get what you mean, they definitely aren't something I'd want to share with just anyone because that could end really bad. They have to be saved for special times! I mean I don't think I'd ever share them with anyone who would do anything with them that could embarrass me but you never really know do you?

    19. Feb. 2013 Antworten
  • lololaurens

    Hmmmmm. Do I want to show you or do I not? Unfortunately I do not have video Skype available to me right now because my parents are stupid (but there is talking on the phone Skyping that I can use on my phone) but facetiming will be available to me once I get my iPod, and yeah there's always Facebook. But this is all dependent on if I want to. Of course I trust you, and the person I took them for, we have a strange kind of relationship, it's a long distance type of thing but there are no words to really explain it, I guess maybe friends with benefits, but of course I trust him completely. And I trust you too (which is unusual just on a website like this but you're good at making people feel comfortable!) but that's a good point, I don't know if I wanna risk it. I dunno, maybe eventually? Yeah, shallow relationships and lying are not good at all! I've never had a one night stand, I'd do it but I prefer a relationship before sex. Haha, true, what's normal with sex?

    18. Feb. 2013 Antworten
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Über mich

Here is a Spotify link to my 200 favorite songs of all time :

Artists I have seen live : Idea stolen from lololaurens
I included openers and festivals (as long as I have seen at least 20 minutes of concert) which might explain why there is some bands I don't like in the list...
Disappointing or bad concerts in italic, best concerts in bold (please note that this is my opinion on the gig, not on the band)

2 Many DJ's
Albert Hammond Jr
Animal Collective
Arcade Fire
Architecture in Helsinki
Arctic Monkeys
Arman Méliès
Asian Dub Foundation
Atari Teenage Riot
Bat for Lashes
Beastie Boys
Beat Torrent
Ben Harper
Biffy Clyro
Birdy Nam Nam
Black Keys
Bloc Party
Blood Red Shoes
Boys Noize
Brother Ali
Built to Spill
Busy P
Carte Blanche
Childish Gambino
Chinese Man
Cloud Nothings
Cold War Kids
Connan Mockasin
The Coral
Craig Armstrong
Crazy B
Crystal Castles
Cypress Hill
Dan Auerbach
Dan Deacon
De La Soul
Dead 60's
Death from Above 1979
Dinosaur Jr
Divine Fits
Dizzee Rascal
DJ Shadow
The Dodos
Dry the River
Eagle-Eye Cherry
Eagles of Death Metal
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Emilie Simon
Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra
Enter Shikari
Etienne de Crécy
Faith No More
Les Fatals Picards
Fever Ray
Florence + the Machine
FM Belfast
Foals (first concert very bad, 2nd ok, 3rd pretty good...)
Foo Fighters
Foreign Beggars
Franz Ferdinand
Friendly Fire
Funeral for a Friend
Gogol Bordello
The Hives
Hot Chip
Housse de Racket
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
I'm from Barcelona
Indochine (pretty shitty band anyway)
Jessie Ware
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Julia Holter
Just Jack
Keziah Jones
Kill the Young
Kings of Leon
Kyuss Lives!
La Femme
Laurent Garnier
LCD Soundsystem
Le Corps Mince de Françoise
Les Musclés
Les Petites Bourrettes
Little Dragon
Los Planetas
Mac DeMarco
Manu Chao
Massive Attack
Maximo Park
The Men
Minitel Rose
Mix Master Mike
Mutual Benefit
Nicolas Jaar
Night Riders
Odd Future
Ojos de Brujo
Operator Please
Parquet Courts
Peter Doherty
Phoebe Killder
The Pipettes
The Pixies (no matter how good your songs are, a gig will be bad if the crowd can feel that you're not happy to be here...)
Prinzhorn Dance School
Queens of the Stone Age
Rage Against the Machine
The Rakes
The Rapture
Rodrigo & Gabriela
Roxy Music
Saïan Supa Crew
Scratch Bandits Crew
Secret Machines
Skip The Use
Sleigh Bells
The Smashing Pumpkins (same as the Pixies + awfully shitty sound)
The Streets
Sufjan Stevens
System of a Down
Them Crooked Vultures
The Thermals
These New Puritans
The Ting Tings
Tom Tom Club
TV on the Radio
Vampire Weekend
The Walkmen
The Wave Pictures
Wax Taylor
Wu-Tang Clan (the gig wasn't bad but stopping it early to start selling T-shirts kinda spoiled it)
Wye Oak
The xx

The Yeah yeah yeahs
Zola Jesus

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