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1349Sculptor of Flesh Lieblingslied 29. Mär. 2011
SilencerD.I.E. kostenloser Download 29. Mär. 2011
Satanic WarmasterCarelian Satanist Madness 29. Mär. 2011
IsengardDommedagssalme 29. Mär. 2011
MayhemFrom The Dark Past Lieblingslied 29. Mär. 2011
TaakeIII Lieblingslied 29. Mär. 2011
BurzumSteminen Fra Taarnet 29. Mär. 2011
SargeistBlack Fucking Murder 27. Nov. 2010
LjåEt Barn Er Dødt I Betlehem Lieblingslied 27. Nov. 2010
KryptI Am God 27. Nov. 2010
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Über mich

Hello everyone my name is Veronica. I love music it is my life. I play guitar and sing. I also play drums and bass. I am currently in a band called Voodoo Dawn where I play Keys. I love to write and draw. I like to smoke. I love Brutal shows! I fucking Rage it! I like movies. I am tired of everyone being fake. I like to travel. I am always down to hangout. I love to read. I like to go camping and hiking. I am great fun when on an adventure. I love whiskey Mmmm.... whiskey. I love bugs and creepy crawlies. I am not your average chick by far..... and I wouldn't call me normal..... I'm just me. :3