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Über mich

An ooey, gooey, emo soul covered in a crunchy, hard rock candy shell

  • Nurse by day, nerd by night.
  • A sucker for rock, hard rock, and/or metal-flavored tunes, sometimes with glam sprinkles.
  • Due to a lifelong struggle with the mental illness known as Hopeless Romanticism, love songs are my musical kryptonite. Acoustic guitars, pianos, duets/duos, amazing lyrics, and/or beautiful voice(s) have been known to breach my Giddy Fan Girl Cloaking Device. Richard Marx is my Lex Luthor.
  • über n00b guitar player.
  • Lover of Covers because they're old and familiar, but different. Like... a long, lost friend from high school who is suddenly back in your life, but has had a LOT of plastic surgery. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's really, REALLY bad.
  • Collector of vinyl records.
  • Former wrangler of the metal alter ego known as Sophia Siren.
  • Road Trip Warrior & Co-Captain of the U.S. Extreme Concert-Going Team *Signature Move: Drunken Post-show Car Karaoke Duets.
  • Proprietor of (On hiatus.)
  • Long ago Sludgette of the Month.
  • Tweeter.

Once upon a former life, in a metal band far, far away... people used to call me Sophia Siren.

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