Review on 2007


25. Nov. 2007, 13:17

Well, the year is ending, and it's time to review it xD

Let's see... in alphabetical order:

After Forever - After Forever - [8,0]

The band used a lot of electronic elements on this album, and that pleased me, since I like electronic music. But... I don't know... it doesn't have the feeling that After Forever used to put on their music, like in the albums Decipher and Invisible Circles. But it deserves the rate 8,0 for making some great sound like Transitory and De-Energized.

Agua de Annique - Air - [9,5]

Well, I have already made a review on this album. But I changed some opinions and I think that almost all tracks are great music in this masterpiece. Ice Water is my favorite track.

Bebel Gilberto - Momento - [7,5]

I must hear this album a little more to make a concrete review. But my first impressions are very good. I love louge music and bossa nova, and this brazilian girl kicks ass. It's a shame that she is not very known in her birthplace.

Eilera - Fusion - [9,0]

This girl surprises me. Her new album is very well produced, and it even didn't have a producer! Eilera seems to be great talent, and she deserves to be more known. Some tracks of her album are really catchy. My favorite one is Addicted. Eilera uses a lot of folk touchs and some concrète to give a special feeling.

Ellen Allien - Go - [7,5]

Ellen is one of the best DJs in the world, in my opinion. This EP is just ok. I'd like that Ellen make some electro-ish sound in the next album, instead of just techno.

Epica - The Divine Conspiracy - [8,5]

Simone is as great as she always do. This album is a little more catchy than the previous ones. But... I didn't like the ballads... honestly, there are few ballads that I like in metal. Very few. My favorite track of this album is Fools of Damnation, perfect one. One of the best music I've heard in this genre. Other tracks that I like: Beyond Belief and Sancta Terra (great choirs).

Fooooooooooooooooooooooooolll... kneel for me agaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnn...

Helalyn Flowers - A Voluntary Coincidence - [???]

I haven't heard this album yet... I would like to =/
Well, if someone did, please comment here!

Imperia - Queen of Light - [7,5]

This is a great band. But the new album (we've waited to long) doens't have "the feeling", exactly like they did in their previous albums. It seems that something is lacking on this band. Maybe an innovation on their sound? It would be great. My favorite tracks of this album: Mirror, Braveheart and The Calling.

Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion - [???]

I haven't heard this album. If someone did, please comment here. Liv is great singer, one of the best I've heard.

Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - [7,0]

This album were a good debut for Anette Olzon. She is great singer. But this album... hmmm... not that good. Some tracks are perfect: Cadence of Her Last Breath, Sahara, Whoever Brings the Night, The Islander and The Poet and the Pendulum. But some are really aaawwwwfullll... Eva is the worst music of Nightwish. And For the Heart I Once Had is horrible. Meadows of Heaven is the worst way to end an album. Well, I hope they cut those mellow sound in the next album. Maybe a more powerful sound.

Octavia Sperati - Grace Submerged - [9,5]

These chicks are great. They new album have a great music. The first time I heard it, it sounded a little repetitive. But I don't know why, now I'm in love with the album. My favorite tracks are Guilty Am I and ...And Then the World Froze. Their sound seems to be very fresh, a new one. Female Fronted Metal is innovating their music, and that pleases me.

Tarja - My Winter Storm - [9,0]

A 20-tracks album? OMG. Theare are lots of interludes, I'd say xD
Well, Tarja left NIghtwish to make a good solo-career. And she is doing well. This album obviously have some influences of metal, and some tracks like Damned and Divine and Our Great Divide are very worthy to be singed by Tarja. It's one of the few radio-oriented music I like.

Sirenia - Nine Destinies And A Downfall - [9,0]

In this good album, even Morten, the great "gothic" king of metal, is getting rid of some darkish elements (that pleases me). The sound is great, Monika is a good singer. But, Morten failed in some points: if he would like to make a radio-oriented album, it would be better to cut the choirs, that give a horrible darkish climate to these tracks. Choirs are great in the previous albums, but in this one, they are awful. My favorite tracks are One by One, Sundown and The Other Side. Well, even with those weak points, this album kicks ass. It would be great for an average band, but for Sirenia, it's just ok.

Tristania - Illumination - [10,0]

Oh, I finally made it to Tristania xD
Many fans may hate this album, because it's not Morten-ish. They finally get rid of some repetitive elements. Tristania really reached to an "illumination", and made some great music like Mercyside, Open Ground, The Ravens, Down and Lotus. The whole album is innovating. Is it radio-oriented? Well, I haven't heard it the radio stations. Did you?
I hope the new singer, Mary Demurtas, will do great in the tour, and I hope they kick ass with Open Ground live xD

Within Temptation - The Heart of Everything - [6,0]

Weak, weak, weak. Weakin' Temptation were great in the album Enter, and were ok in Mother Earth and The Silent Force. But those mellow music are aaaawwwwwfuuuullll. I really would like a heavier sound. That would be great, since Sharon has a perfect voice. The unique track I like in this album is The Howling.


  • moggles

    the liv kristine album, enter my religion, is not particularily good unless you're in to kind of (excuse the labeling) indie pop with lots of weird instruments and predictable song patterns ..! the only resemblanse there is from other bands is her voice! i at least don't like it too much, whereas leaves' eyes and a few theatre of tragedy albums are quite good ! you'll just have to listen to it to hear it can't really be compared to her former achievements !

    25. Nov. 2007, 20:14
  • LE0_

    weird instruments?? lol xD

    25. Nov. 2007, 21:18
  • comradealtmer

    6.0 more like 2.0 for WT

    26. Nov. 2007, 10:43
  • LE0_

    but The Howling make it worthy of 6.0 PS: in Brazil we use , as decimal separator xD

    26. Nov. 2007, 21:00
  • ARedFox

    I heard the Flowers album and i really liked it, a good deal of catchy electrorock/pop with crazy and powerful vocals.

    27. Nov. 2007, 10:06
  • Dustspell

    Agua de Annique - Air - [9,5] Yes this is a great album..Even if not metal...But as an alternative rock it's great

    3. Mär. 2008, 19:03
  • LE0_

    oh my, I wrote this entry in nov/2007... I was a little uncertain about some ratings. nowadays, I think that Sirenia's NDAAD is worth 7/10. and I already tried Liv Kristine's last album. well, I'd say that it didn't catch me xD

    10. Jul. 2008, 15:14
  • misooo13

    I agree with many reviews, but I would give to WT almost 9/10 and to Nightwish 10/10 , I love all the tracks you hate xD

    23. Jul. 2008, 19:01
  • LE0_

    Well, I repeat... some of my ratings have changed with time (this journal entry was made in nov/2007, when I even didn't know that The gathering - my favorite band now - have ever existed)... for example, today I give 6~7.0 rating to NDAAD, but I would keep the 6.0 for THOE.

    23. Jul. 2008, 19:14
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