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Über mich

Here is a story I wrote when I was bored. Enjoy:

It was a Black Winter Day in Blackwater Park when I decided to catch a Rainy Taxi to get To Father's Cabin. I told the driver we had to pass through the Forest of October to make it Beyond the Great Vast Forest to get to his Home. Then, When I looked through the Windowpane, I saw the Face of Melinda, but it was really the Ghost of Perdition, killed by the Demon of The Fall, so she had turned into an Evil Woman. Then I saw them Slaying The Dreamer, because he was Dreaming and also they were fucking evil. There were more of them, The Kinslayer, The Carpenter, Nine Cats, a Rooster and a crazy Shaman all joined forces In The Name of God, they were Against Widows, as they believed they are The Root of All Evil, so her murder made me The Orphan.

My Intolerance was too much, and I went inside and cried "What Have You Done? You just fucking killed her!", but the group just shunned me out. This is the End of All Hope I thought, we're all fucked, I almost had a Panic Attack,until I realised I knew The Way to fix this. I just had to head Towards the Pantheon, by following the Elvenpath until I heard The Baying of the Hounds in the distance, here I would meet The Daughter of the Moon, Her Alone I knew could help me write my Eulogy and Elegy and paint The Funeral Portrait, that was All I Need for Closure and to help me Honor Thy Father.

In Mist She Was Standing, Under The Weeping Moon, and she told me "See Who I Am" and I asked her "Who Are You?" so she told me "I Am the Black Wizards, since they decided to Bless The Child of the moon, I Know the Moondance, or The Dance of Eternity, As I Am just that fucking awesome." "Okay" I told her, "What's with These Walls, why are there Patterns in The Ivy? Tear them down for me now," "no one Cares about the fucking walls" she told me "except that Behind The Wall of Sleep, is where we will cause Magic and Mayhem, and be Weaving the Incantation for war!"

"War?" I asked her, "Yes, we need to, because if they kill me it will Rain When I Die and The Gale will cause a Flood, and things will be very Bleak, it will become a Wicked World, a Planet Hell, where the people are Drawn to Black and Devoid of Caring as Stars Die and a Rusty Moon exists, and today would be known as The Day It All Came Down, so we need to prevent that Fatal Tragedy." I nodded, "You Would?" she continued "great, now being The Wizard I am, I am a Wishmaster, so you have to wish for something."

"Wish I Had An Angel" that was my wish, so she had to Fuse The Sky and make The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One) to summon Angels, and made an Endless Sacrifice of Spiders and Frogs to do so. Now was the time to Attack, we were So Close to exploiting their Weakness and making them Frozen, Down In A Hole, trapped inside this Octavarium, where shit adds up at the Bottom, and their Serenity Painted Death will be Somewhere, and the Sleeping Village will remember the night they were struck by the sight of TEN THOUSAND FISTS IN THE AIR! And my story is Over Now, Ending Credits.

That was my story, if you had a hard time following it then I don't give a fuck, in case u hadn't noticed there are lots of song names, artists include: Opeth; Nightwish; Tool; Amorphis; Porcupine Tree; Insomnium; Dream Theater; Emperor; Alice in Chains; System of a Down; Within Temptation; Black Sabbath and in case you didn't notice, one Disturbed song (for shits and giggles)
READ MY STORY! (Right, I made links to all the songs, so click on them for some awesome music)

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