Songs written/co-written by Kris Allen


20. Aug. 2011, 5:35

Updated November 23, 2011.

I've tagged these Kris Allen songs as :

(01) Before We Come Undone
(02) Can't Stay Away
(03) Bring It Back
(04) Is It Over
(05) Let It Rain
(06) Alright with Me
(07) Lifetime
(08) I Need to Know
(09) Send Me All Your Angels
(10) From the Ashes
(11) Leave You Alone
(12) Keep That Devil Out
(13) You Got a Way

I've tagged these Kris Allen songs as :

(01) Red Guitar

I've tagged these other artists' songs as :

(01) Still Got Tonight by Matthew Morrison
(02) Raise Your Hand by Javier Colon

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