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15. Jan. 2006, 15:00

A new track may be in the making. A homage to lost perms.
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The Sappers


  • Lisagum

    Yes, the days of super perms are, tragically, long gone ...

    15. Jan. 2006, 15:03
  • Lisagum

    I shall arrange for that perm to be done next time. I'm buying supersize packs of shoulderpads, new old stock.

    15. Jan. 2006, 20:57
  • Lisagum

    was Pelle. I'm currently stuck with this stupid account.

    15. Jan. 2006, 20:58
  • Lisagum

    straight hair

    15. Jan. 2006, 20:58
  • Krasnojarsk

    How could a highlife guitarist ever have straight hair? I shall get a powerful chest wig soon. I just fear it might ruin my innocence for meeting Scots.

    16. Jan. 2006, 0:38
  • Lisagum

    I'm sure there are other Scots out there! Ones who know to appreciate straight boys too ...

    16. Jan. 2006, 1:01
  • Krasnojarsk

    The whole country's full of Sociology grads with no shoes BUT with my cell phone number on their Norwegian rapist whale-catcher friend's mobile. Oh Malcolm! Kom ut ikväll! Jag väntar vid hörnet vid 7-11! Malcolm! It's me Pelle! I'm so cold! Let me innah your cabin! You owe-a me a pint-o!

    16. Jan. 2006, 1:25
  • Krasnojarsk

    Haha I remember that, but I do believe I showed him the Gamla Stan gay bar, where he must have been stalled raping a few children. Malcom's alimony is paying my lastfm. I bet he dropped the phone and fingers as he fell down dead from cold outside the boat. I couldn't see him go back in as I was walking home, and it was pissing. Poor Malcolm must, with the help of sweet Allah, be fish food right now.

    16. Jan. 2006, 1:58
  • Krasnojarsk

    Poor sod. Haha, awwww. You should've stolen something off him as well.

    16. Jan. 2006, 11:00
  • djerik

    I woke up this night and cried again when listening to The Sappers. Damn, I cried.

    16. Jan. 2006, 16:50
  • Lisagum

    ...is omnipresent. He shall find us all one day. Faith Rhiân, faith. Everyone cries when listening to the Sappers. It's those bloody Cmaj7's and Emadd9's. Errr.

    16. Jan. 2006, 19:00
  • Krasnojarsk

    The Sappers happen to be secret even among the band members at the moment. Stay tuned. I shall review the dictionary I have coming in from Amazon, but I'm always interested if it has stupid words like пробарахтаться in it. Mmmm.

    16. Jan. 2006, 22:25
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