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ThyrfingA Great Man's Return 31. Mär. 2009
ThyrfingA Moment in Valhalla 31. Mär. 2009
Dream DeathThe Elder Race Lieblingslied 31. Mär. 2009
JaldaboathJacque de Molay 31. Mär. 2009
Mortuary DrapeAnimism 31. Mär. 2009
Lääz RockitMob Justice 31. Mär. 2009
Manilla RoadRiddle of Steel (Frost Giants Daughter 1) 31. Mär. 2009
Blind GuardianWelcome To Dying 31. Mär. 2009
SamaelBeyond the Nothingness 31. Mär. 2009
Savage GraceNo One Left to Blame 31. Mär. 2009
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Über mich

I am KopKilla now, okay?!

Hello, my name is Lothar and I am a huge music fan. I enjoy many different kinds of music, everything from black metal to glam metal.

I am the proud leader of Feminist Killer, a community dedicated to male liberation and female oppression. Male users are encouraged to come out of the misogynist closet and join. If you are a woman then do not fuck with us because we WILL destroy you!

I have also started I support the Binghamton spree killings as a place for people to show solidarity with the hero behind this slaughter of immigrants.


This is a list of COWARDS who have deleted comments in shoutboxes, mine or theirs, because they were afraid of my cutting insight into their pathetic nature and my true evilness!

The_Impaler is a creep who thinks getting beat down at some corny ass hardcore show makes him a tough guy. He cried like a bitch and deleted all his comments in my shoutbox and vice versa when I made it apparent to everyone that he was a fucking loser who chatted up random girls on last.fm because he hopes that someday he might hook up with one of them. UPDATE: this coward has blocked me from his shoutbox!

Featherlight 910 is a baby boy who is thinks that all tastes in music are valid even though they are obviously not! He says this because he knows that he listens to dog shit and he wants to hide the TRUTH from hyper geniuses like myself. Nice try, pussy boy!


My social stances are as follows:

I support:

- Rape
- Terrorism
- Drug abuse
- Cop killing
- Apartheid
- Torture
- Child molestation
- War crimes
- Joining gangs
- Slavery

I oppose:

- Democracy
- Tolerance
- Human rights
- Miscegenation
- Mercy for the weak
- Sobriety
- Openmindedness
- Multiculturalism

If this blows your mind then it means you are a COWARD and you need to stop reading my profile immediately and just fuck off from life! Go get a gun and do it, you pussy! Now!


This is a list of TV shows and movies that I love and are objectively good. If you do not agree with me then you are SHIT!

TV shows:
- Star Trek: TNG
- Battlestar Galactica
- Star Trek: Voyager
- Twilight Zone


- They Live
- Conan the Barbarian
- Robocop
- Commando
- Raw Deal
- Death Wish 3


What people have to say about me:

"your brain is in ur pants..nice work dick head...dick mind..hope u killed by a dick..good luck with that" - hantilragnorak

"Fucking awesome avatar."
- Ridikul

"stupid fucking idiot ."
- troilism

"cool Guy"
- kickadopeverse

"tough guy"
- The_Impaler

"You're shit!"
- Jorus_Cbaoth


Other great quotes:

"Praise be to Allah. We are successful every time. Martyrdom, victory, fighting with the infidel is always a success."
- Mullah Dadullah

"Black metal is for truly brutal people who are willing to kill for Satan, like me!"
- Anonymous

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