Kevin Wright, 45, Männlich, Vereinigtes Königreich
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I am The Main Vocalist in an Unsigned Band called"Big Orange".We have been making Music just for Fun,Not Fame or Money,Since 1984.There is only two of us left,but we were the main Song-Writer's anyway,& parted Company with Various Musicians in 1987,when we finally settled on the "Big Orange" name for good,after being called"The Electro-Beat,Asasable,Out of Balance& Bad Chemistry before that.We have both made a pact to write&Make our Own Music untill we die,I am 40 yrs old& Mark(Synths,Music Arrangement,Co-Writer)will be 41yrs old in August(therefore both 40 at present)I also play Bass Guitar& a little bit of Guitar too,aswell as Backing Vocals,Co-Lyric Writer+main Lyric Arranger.I am Single(by Choice)& have a Daughter of 19yrs old,who makes me very proud of her.She is a Child Care Assitant.I used to work,But I am Now Part Disabled with a dodgy Bad Back& a Chronic Liver Disease.