new song old copyright


12. Feb. 2010, 18:54

New song ,old copyright ---All or most of my new songs ,are being re-worded- from old copy rights -- the past 20 years my music has been blatenly sampled by manny - My self induced Tours got my music out alright --even my friends were stealing my songs ,and playing them for there friends, and saying that they wrote them ha ha ,some did not think I would come back through there town ( bussted ) Its nise to have people love your songs - but why do they think the own them just because they hear them ? Anyway , thats why I'm using my old copyrights - if I put some of these tunes ,with new copyrights out -80% of you folks would say It sounded like that song or that song or what ever -so if you hear a new song come out of me ,most likely it will sound like something you herd from one else - rest easy -- all will be done with old 20 -45 year old copyrights .


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